Weekly Discussion #17 - Do we really need TMLs?

I'm not advocating one way or the other, just wanted to point out that TML is one of the potential rewards when going for an early t2 com, and since it threatens such a large circle, it is the primary threat if one manages to gain mid map control early on ~10km maps or to do a t2 drop on 20km.

It's worth noting that TMD is one of the very few defensive buildings you usually see built preemptively by veterans, only other I can think of that comes close is a shield over your t2 power. All other threats in the game are better countered by units, not static emplacements, or afford defenders enough time to respond if the scouting is on point.

What would change if they were removed? I think, in some team games, guncom + spam would get a relative buff compared to t2com + fire base. I also agree with your premise, noobs would have an easier time overall, and while this can be said of any simplification brought to the game, this change would make a bigger difference than most for noobs

Tmd reclaim!

Yes we need them. I am even in favor of a T3 version of them.

Check out my maps here:

Madness 1 - 10


They add more options and variety, deepening and improving the gameplay experience, so I wouldnt to want to see them removed.

Let's give them homing missiles and see what happens 😄

T2 unguided
T3 homing

what about ACU/SACU TML?

TMLs were invented in order to make Cybran players suffer.

On a different note why do three of the launchers cost different amounts for the same thing?

I think they aren't as important in games where you don't have a lot to manage since you aren't being pressured on multi tasking as much. Building tmd in your one and only base is mostly just habit. When both players have a lot to manage it rewards the one with better coordination from raiding the tmd and setting up the build power for the tml.

I think it can also help the mass donation problem since you only need to kill the tmd in a base rather than all the mexs. You wouldn't even need to send tanks into the enemy base if you used snipers or arty to kill them.

Differences are mostly in rate of fire. Sera shoots almost 4 in the time aeon shoots 3. Uef is about half way between them. For completion, cybran shoots 4 in the time sera shoots 3. You can see the cost increases as the rate of fire does.

As a noob the main difficulty I have with TML is awareness. It can be very easy to miss incoming missile attacks for some time if my concentration is elsewhere.
One aware it's fairly easy to counter with static defenses. A relatively big investment for early snipe attempts which can be countered just by moving your ACU around frequently, if anything it encourages you to keep using the ACU rather than park them up.
A better or unique icon for the in-flight missiles might be nice or a unique explosion sounds. A ping when the TML first missile comes into vision range would be lovely but perhaps make it too easy.

That's true of all snipes. You need to scout and be aware of what your opponent is doing, otherwise they can kill you with them while you're focused on the long term game.

I like the idea of the tactical missile facilities costing different amounts because the missiles themselves function differently, some more effective.

I hate 10x10 teamgame maps because of TML. It's just too strong when rushed by a single player, that can then go on and snipe everything on the entire map.

From AI perspective i can only say TMLs are perfect to intercept experimentals (also air experimentals like czar!!!)

As noob i have also made a mod for TMLs that gives them the ability to use a lead-target function and autofire.
One of the best base defense weapons ever.

@uveso I actually once spent several hours mastering taking down Czars with TMLs. One day, it will bring me victory...

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there's a special place in hell for those peaple who use tmls

T2 air snipes ruin this game also TML OP