Phantom X - armies and structures remain when ACU dies.

And yes, it's on Assassination. lol.

But we've played several Phantom games now and every time a player dies, their stuff stays around. They are reported as dead, they count as an innocent or phantom death toward game victory, they cannot issue any orders -- but anything their base was doing continues to happen; factories still produce units, waypoints are followed, etc.

We usually play modded, but I can reproduce in vanilla with all mods off. Started a couple of weeks ago. Easily reproducable even with AI -- just build a few things and then ctrl-k your ACU. Your buildings will all remain. You will be able to select, but not issue any new orders.

If you want a replay, we did last week. Takes 58 minutes for first death tho (dark green).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Bumping this as it's still an issue.

Is there a better way I could report this bug? Thanks.

Bumping now that the latest balance patch went out. This is still an issue as of last week. Are we just the only people that play phantom still? 😄