Ethereal FAF Client 2.0

Beta version, i didnt finished it yet, connection drops wont be handled. Feel free to ping with problem


  1. Select server
  2. Press "Connect" (authorize etc)
  3. Press "Continue"

Clones are not provided by default.

I was playing game, and client freed resources as he can on background. When you will see such things with Java client? XD


  1. After location selection view didnt changed > FIX: Restart app


  • Support of multiple connected servers
  • Fixed Ice related problems
  • Fixed patch related problems
  • Added startup pages
  • Added vault page
  • Added maps vault page
  • Added
    3.3.0 Ice Adapter



  1. Select server
  2. Press "Connect" (authorize etc)
  3. Press "Continue"

Coming features


  • Added search support by map name in Hosting tab
  • Added Mods vault tab
  • Changed list views in Players/Games/Maps/Hosting tab
  • Fixed error when grouping by rating ranges in Players tab
  • Fixed Changelog tab
  • Preview of Profile tab
  • Preview of Data tab

What need I do with archive from github to play? When run faf-uid.exe nothing changed.

It Ain’t Much, But It’s Honest Work


  1. Join custom games
    1.1. Generated maps supported
    1.2. Secured lobbies supported
    1.3. FAF mod only
  2. List of online players
  3. Client supports auto updates
  4. Lobby reconnection supported
  5. Game reconnection supported

Link -

From the users point of view, it would look like the first steps as they were in 2022. This is true, it is again a new fresh start of this interesting journey in an attempt to develop something useful with a different approach (again) 😃

Looks like you've done a lot over the past couple of weeks and cleaned up a ton too. Awesome progress!



  1. Fixed slow connection with the players

looks very pretty