Ethereal FAF Client 2.0


@brutus5000 Two friend will find the way to meet

I will sync only disconnected from IRC server users. And ive got players id`s on IRC.



Word of warning, don't assume the ID's will stay there forever, they were already removed before and I had to ask them to be brought back 🙂


@giebmasse In worst case i will wait PR for server where it will notify about player connectivity state 😛 And for backing up ID`s, thanks!))


@giebmasse said in Ethereal FAF Client 2.0:

Word of warning, don't assume the ID's will stay there forever, they were already removed before and I had to ask them to be brought back 🙂

Technically it was an accident 😓

But yeah no guarantees they will also be there


2.0.9 (2022-10-22)


  • Full support of IRC chat
  • Open private DM with player
  • Filter channel users
  • Support emoji syntax :emoji: on chat input
  • Remember last user channels for next IRC session
  • Parallel initilization of patch watcher (faster launch)
  • Updated ICE to 3.2.2


How to join channel/s?

  • Use chat input /join #channel1, #channel2, ..., <#channel>
  • Use channel/user input <#channel> and press Enter

How to leave channel/s?

  • Use chat input /part #channel1, #channel2, ..., <#channel>
  • Use leave button, hover on required channel in the sidebar list and press "Leave" button

RAW IRC commands

  • Use slash '/'


  • UI: /join #channel
  • IRC: JOIN #channel

Emoji Sample:

  1. Write :tada:
  2. Converted to 🎉

How to copy message?

  1. Right click on message
  2. Click on "Copy text"
  3. Done!

No one probably noticed, but patch client was broken xD

Sending HTTP request GET

2.0.10 (2022-10-23)


  • Fix game patcher
  • Fix custom map downloading on game launch
  • Fix idle games list not updating on game launch
  • Fix oauth logo
  • Host page background now transparent
  • Added clean patch initialization (no more dependant on exist patch folder, but still using auto-game detect method)
  • Added game filters: OnlyGeneratedMaps / HidePrivateLobbies / EnableMapsBlacklist
  • Added players ratinsg to idle/live custom/coop games
  • Carefully closing ice adapter
  • Host page moved into navigation frame
  • Code cleanup


How to hide specific map?

  • Right click on game card
  • Click on "Ban map"


Hello, the client keeps looking better and better!
I have a few suggestions/requests that may be useful for all.

  1. Option to hide moded games, especially due to the fact that the client does not support them anyway.
    The error you get: "SIM modes not supported"

  2. Possibility to see the game list as a detail list just as it is in official client under option "table" view.

  3. Chat: adding friends/foes. If there is a possibility to sync with already existing lists that a player made with the official client.

  4. History: official client will delete all history and private conversations, an option to save them will be most wellcome.

Thanks again for your hard work))


Incoming 2.1.0 (31.10.2022)


  • Added client updater

  • Added safe handler in patcher for busy files

  • Added game logs on 'C:\ProgramData\FAForever\logs\game_{uid}.log'

  • Fixed background colors in host view

  • Moved fonts to separate DLL (ligher updates)

  • [SubCon] Option to hide moded games request

  • [SubCon] Chat: adding friends/foes request

A few updates will be forced in case of any bug fixes. Updates will come in small packages (less than 5 mb). After this update, in every launch client will do the confirmation of current local version with latest stable update on repo. Process of updating is simple

  1. Closing faf client
  2. Updating
  3. Relaunching faf client

@subcon you only get the SIM modes not supported if the mods are install external not through the mod vault any mods download from the vault will not show that

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock


@rowey the problem is i do not support any vault mod right now. i can do shitcoding to install them on launch, but i dont want to xD



Next updates will come through client updater (theoretically xDDD)

  • Added client updater
  • Added safe handler in patcher for busy files
  • Added changelog page
  • Added game logs on 'C:\ProgramData\FAForever\logs\game_{uid}.log'
  • Fixed background when hosting
  • Moved fonts to separate DLL (ligher updates)

Incoming hotfix 2.0.12 in 5 minutes

(passing github caching)


  • Ice adapter launch fix

Update 2.0.12 released. To update client, you must relaunch it.

It took me around 5 seconds to update the client 😎


There was this problem. I downloaded the file for the FAF game, but it wouldn't open because it thought it would hurt my device and wanted me to open it through an app in the Microsoft store. Funny thing is, it's not in the Windows store.
The solution to this problem is much easier than I thought - this restriction can be disabled in the Windows settings.
I don't know if anyone can find this information useful


@danielmeyers Hi, i appreciate your help with with problem. Sorry, currently this project is on pause, because i am busy on work.