LegendOfTheStars 2020 Qualifier Tournament #3


@FtXCommando Started working on it after posting... Never played ladder before.
If there's no room that's fine; just looked like you might need players. I'll keep working on that rating for the next qual. 😉


Ryfun is in. (Currently 1651).


I'll sign up, please.


I sign in aswell!


Sign me out (again)

I'm not trolling I promise, I was just stupid and made climbing plans forgetting it was qualifier week already 😕

Ill make Q4 I swear...


I don't mind people signing out; it's the dudes that never show up and make me adjust things 1 minute before the tourney that are the problem.

This post is deleted!

im out friend


Signing up


dont understand time zones but i try to sign up and come.

Ban Anime


Signing up


Signups are now closed.


Legend of the Stars 2020 Qualifier Tournament #3
List of All Games Played
November 7, 2020

Initial Round (Best of 1 on Daroza's Sanctuary)

Game 1 - Blackheart vs Lucied - #13057800
Game 3 - Blast_Chilled vs GrunttiNoob - #13057848
Game 6 - archsimkat vs Hybrid - #13057806
Game 7 - FunkOff vs ZLO - #13057828
Game 8 - Explosive vs WoundedElkNoob - #13057787

Games 2, 4, and 5 were forfeited

Round 2 (Winners Qualify for LoTS)

Series 9 - Blackheart vs SilentNoob
(forfeit by SilentNoob)

Series 10 - Blast_Chilled vs BlInChIk
#13058261 on Point of Reach v4
#13058688 on Red Rocks
#13059007 on Syrtis Major - FAF version

Series 11 - archsimkat vs DemonStreamer
#13058262 on The Bermuda Locket
#13058470 on desert arena

Series 12 - WoundedElkNoob vs ZLO
#13058088 on Regor VI Highlands
#13058325 on The Ditch
#13058598 on desert arena

Round 3 - Semifinals

Series 13 - Blackheart vs BlInChIk
#13059521 on serenity desert
#13059686 on The Ditch
#13060009 on desert arena

Series 14 - archsimkat vs ZLO
#13058989 on The Bermuda Locket
#13059258 on Crossfire Canal - FAF version
#13059496 on Syrtis Major - FAF version

Bronze Match - archsimkat vs BlInChIk
#13060262 on desert arena
#13060514 on Daroza's Sanctuary
#13060749 on Crossfire Canal - FAF version

Finals - Blackheart vs ZLO
(forfeit by Blackheart)

Also: here is a search string that you can enter into the Java client to pull up all tournament games (copy it to your clipboard, then in the FAF client, check the box for: display search query, and then paste this into the query input field, and press enter to perform the search directly from the query input field).