Weekly Discussion #12 - Best song in Supreme Commander and FA soundtracks?

Simple, what do you think is the best song in the two soundtracks?

Supreme Commander

Playlist of first 19 (in a random order)
20: The Future Battlefield
21: Build Music
22: Battle Music
23: The Tip of our Spear

Forged Alliance

FASoundtrack.jpg (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcrH5DWTlW0&list=PLMKXvJmOq5n3sTV0fJXEe9lY812DId1XF)
Supreme Commander Reprise -> Super Supreme Commander
Brackman's Strategy -> Brackman Plots a Plotty Plot
Cybran Razors -> We are the Cybran Razors
Aeon Aggressors -> Aeon Loyalist are Handy Dandy
Rhiza's Offensive -> Rhiza´s Way of the Hightway
An Approaching Darkness -> A Great Evil Poised to Win

An old idea made new
Imo the best one out here, maybe not for actual playing but if I were to pick one for listening it would be this.

Also I wish the guitar versions were in game.
Guitar Version of one of the songs

The only answer is The Art of War.