Can't see graphics of explosions and napalm

@azurefireice I hope it will be clear what I'm trying to talk about

Hmm. Looks like they are not available on MacOS

@azurefireice you cant downloud steam.dmg?

click on little apple logo

I can't paste an image here, but I can't install Proton on mac from steam. For all of them install option is not available.

I read a couple more projects on the github hub in this more or less clearly they say that support for DX10, 11 is the maximum for the mac. and there is a modified vulcan1.1
in general, it all takes a long time to try. there is probably no quick fix.

This video troubles me:
According to it my setup should work as it is identical to the one on the video. But unfortunately does not work.

@azurefireice and what are the results of FAF performance through a virtual machine?

settings/fps? cpu rating?

Settings - highest, FPS did not measure but no stuttering whatsoever so i'd assume >50. CPU rating 360.

@azurefireice it works very well.
as far as I could estimate, the same thing disappears everywhere according to the effects.
it cannot be said that critically important things are missing. but the explosions... explosions are very lacking.

@azurefireice the game engine has its own basics FPS meter on the "/" key where the figure is larger and clearer 🙂
CPU rating 360. - but that's a shame. the computer is powerful and the evaluation is buggy

CPU rating 335.
Explosions are lacking. And I can't also see napalm from bombers. It's just damaging my units but it's invisible.