New ScoreBoard

и вообще когда цвет команды совпадает с игровыми никами людей в команде , не так агрессивно выделяется для глаз как будто .
чем меньше разных не нужных цветов, тем лучше.
но опять же ,может это все с непривычки и если поиграть пару десятков игр, то будет так казаться.

а вообще мод хороший!

Cartographic plant.
Best cartographer of Basania 2021.
2nd place in the maps contest in Genzalia 2022.

Version 2 released. Minor bug fixes. Required UI mod tools version 7.

how do I activate the mod? I downloaded it, but nothing has changed in the interface. The scoreboard has disappeared at all, it is not clear what you need to click

@MadCat It must work if you installed everything correctly.

@madcat If you have supreme scoreboard active at the same time that can happen, check if that's the case.


This post is deleted!







Compact mode 👍 , it is really becoming a work of art

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Don't mind me encroaching on your creative spurs.
How about layouts like these? I understand the left one wouldn't work on multi-team games. Given how you played around with different fonts, I'm guessing you are not hating the idea of dynamically-customizable UI elements, so maybe allow the user to cycle in-between them?

@Fichom currently this layout won't be possible since lines support sorting according to stats.

@ctrl-k who is behind ctrl K account

Wdym behind? @Raishini