MadMax's maps page

This is a show case of my maps

Adaptive Icy Death 10x10KM 4 Players

A cold and dark map set at night time

Adaptive Small and brutal 2x2KM 4 Players

An experimental map trying to make something in as small a size as possible


Adaptive on The Ledge Flooded 20x20 12 Players

One of my early maps


The Spires of Dadna Therma 20x20KM 6 Players

A map with a focus on air play you start being brought in on a transport with 2 engineers


Adaptive Furious Road 20x20 KM 6 players

My first competition map (I came in last place 😞 )

Furious Road.png

Adaptive Samekh Chi 20x20KM 16 Players

An FFA in the style of thermo x2


Adaptive Amadeo and Eliseo 20x20KM 8 Players

My attempt to make something with lava


Saintar Seytii 10x10KM 4 Players

Another competition map (Placed 8/10)

saintar seytii.png

Adaptive 15km Cloudious Slime 15x15KM 6 Players

My interpretation of an old ta map


Adaptive Broken Headland 20x20KM 8 Players

A navy focused map

Broken Headland.png

Caosoland Basin 10x10KM 4 Players

A map designed for 1v1 and 2v2 ladder, credit to jip for working his world machine magic


Adaptive Cherry Blossom Valley 10x10KM 6 Players

Another competition map (Placed 3/5 only 0.03 points separated the top 3) credit to jip for working his world machine magic

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