Who do you think will qualify in the next qualifier


Since there is a concerning shortness of new topics in the general discussion forum i hereby open up a new discussion about the next lots qualifier.

Who do you think will qualify? Will i qualify?

Is this merely due to the deadness of the game that you are even considering it a possibility that I qualify, or is it because im actually good or is it because the others are getting worse?

What are your thoughts comrades?
Ftx what do you think? Biass? Speed2? Brutus? Forum dwellers of faf to battle!!


Good talk.

I am quite certain I will qualify for the qualifier.

Clearly bennis

me, just me


i neeed reputation, server things im spamming....
HARZER999999 wins this qualifier and rises as the true faf god

@hybrid_ said in Who do you think will qualify in the next qualifier:

me, just me

You need to unrust more!

what if the real qualifiers are the friends we made along the way?

@darkym how many friends can you buy with $35?

depends how you spend it, e.g. donate to FAF and you will become mega popular kappa kappa

Really? I am aware of people who donated and yet didnt gain popularity whatsoever from it.

You get a nifty badge which apparently brings the boys to the yard..