Engineers on patrol travelling far away

Not sure if this is more of a balance topic tbh - could we consider reducing the radius/distance that engineers will travel from their patrol order?

It's frustrating putting an engineer on a small tight patrol radius to collect a group of rocks and then later finding it quite some distance away reclaiming a tree just because you ran low on power for a few seconds. And timeconsuming having to send them back to the rocks that you urgently need and issuing tighter/smaller patrol radius.

The default distance they can travel from the patrol path you specify seems too far to me, what does everyone else think? Seems logical to me that I want them to stay close to the actual path I specify 🙂

I'm afraid that the patrol distance is directly tied with the factory reclaim bug. If we'd reduce the patrol search distance, then we'd also reduce the range on the factory reclaim bug.

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Hmm, fair enough, thanks for the informative and definitive answer 🙂
I really do need to start using the reclaim bug radius more, I guess now's the time 🙂

Attack move where you want the engie to stand

When i started FAF i was so angry about this engi patrol behavior and quit FAF, engies all over the map made me crazy.
After some weeks i watched a reclaim video and learnd about the attack move and came back to faf.

I wish engies would never leave the patrol path, when fac bug and patrol are connected i would sacrifice this fac bug for a reliable patrol behavior. Fac bug is a weird nonsense feature, patrol is much more important.

I use patrol 2 times a decade

I use fac attack move 2 times every minute

@ftxcommando said in Engineers on patrol travelling far away:

I use patrol 2 times a decade

I use fac attack move 2 times every minute

Ofc. you don´t use it, it´s shiat how it works.

What i like about the fac attack, the engees don´t drive around and stay static on their spots,
no pathfinding, no collisions, no pointless driving around, just reclaiming on the destination spot.

A reclaim feature how works like the fac attack without a fac needed would be cool.

I wouldn’t use it with this fix either, it’s terrible for reclaim compared to a default attack move anyway. I don’t want my engies not showing up as idle once they’re done reclaiming nor do I want them repairing random stuff and sporadically turning into resource sinks rather than resource producers.

Only time I really use patrol move is for some small int cloud I don’t need to pay attention to at the edge of the map or to space out bombers/gunships before moving in so flak is less efficient.

Ah, and reclaiming with sacus.