1st (bi)weekly community game

One of the things requested in the Call for Community managers is setting up regular community game. I've spent some time figuring out how best to do this, but eventually decided the best way to find out is to attempt one and see what happens.

First weekly game will be on Diversity on Sunday, June 12th, at 4PM UTC -4

Here is a link to let you know when it will be in your local time zone

Why this date/time?
Sunday because I work Saturdays, and that time because that is when daily FAF peak player count is. It won't necessarily be at this time every week.

Why this map?
I thought it was a relatively straightforward 10x10 map that most players should be comfortable on.

This first game will be largely experimental, so don't take it as a definite sign of how these will play out in the future.

Also depending on how many people join I may need volunteers to host parallel lobbies so we may split up by rating.

I would suggest accompanying this with a positive attitude, welcoming, non-toxic voice chat on discord.

might be fun to not split the lobbies by rating. could be some noobs want to play with the pros. if it's all for fun anyway, balance shouldnt matter that much

@zwaffelnoob agreed, I know the newer/lower rated players get excited when they get pros on their team/game. I remember seeing Archsimkat on one of my early games and being excited lol

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Skribbli.o night when?

@morax skribbl.io but only faf units lol

I would love to see a game with Pro Commanders can only give orders like a General and the lower rated players fight each other. Only the Commanders can see the entire map. I'm a noob and will try to be here Sunday

First one was a little rough getting off the ground but was ultimately pretty good! Please post any feedback you guys might have so I can improve the next one!

@sinister208 there was a tourney called Legends and Minions a few years ago that did just that

thanks for the info