Rainbow Cup V ~ 3v3 ~ <1,800 ~ $1.2K


Post #10: Rainbow Cup Tournaments Disclaimers:

The Rainbow Cup series of tournaments do not endorse, represent or
have any political, or social affiliations with any other groups.

The Rainbow Cup Tournament's are only meant to be part of some good, clean, fun
FAF Supreme Commander related Tournaments,
where we get to enjoy Color Coordinated Team play.
(Hence the apropos naming origin of the Rainbow Cup tournaments)

color bar2mod.jpg

Register below now,
and get ready to color up and show off your AI knowledge and FFA skills.


If i am 1800 will i get to play? I read smthn about u letting everyone who did not get drafted last time play.


Thanks for question,
I would like for everyone who registered for the RCIV and did NOT get drafted,
were forced to withdraw on Feb 24th, to get a chance to play in this tournament.

I already checked the ratings of the 4 players who withdrew last minute and none that I know of are currently over 1800,
the idea is to give players that registered for the RCIV an opportunity to play.

I can see a situation where someone who was passed over at 17-1800 in the RCIV,
(due to maps played, ie."gap player" or "unknown" Global rating player) and
have rating rise to mid/low 1800 and ...
then be disqualified for this tourney and
still Not get picked in the Next RCVI open.
These 'players' would fall thru cracks where, they are not strong enough to get picked in the Open RC's, but too high rated for this <1800 tourney.
So I would like to make exceptions for the 1 or 2 players who might be a "little" over 1800,
and have previously registered for the RCIII or IV cups and did Not get drafted.

Since you gave notice today at 1763 rating,
have been playing steady since RCIV,
I would say it's "fair" to allow you to play if you go over the 1800 rating cap.
Any players that register in high 1700's early, and goes over
1800 by end of draft or fixed date chart for captains,
will of course be the highest seeded captains and get later draft picks.

Now... If someone has improved 'so much' that they are considered much stronger than the other captains,
is also considered a shoe in to be picked for the next following RCVI open tourney,
to be held 6 months later, then
we can decide on an individual basis, to make that player wait till the next Open RC.

If you go up to the "1840ish" level, I would say you are good to play.


New Tournament Rating Calculating method
to determine ratings of players with 1 rating above 1800, where
there is a "small" sample size and
Where the players next highest rating has a greater than 100 game history.
The next highest rating - will "weigh" that rating with a 100 game weight.
That Rating will be combined in proportion with the >1800 small sample rating as
described below:

Use this formula, to find a Tournament Rating:
(>1800 rating) x (small sample game total) + (Lower rating) x (100 game weight) = (Multiplied ratings / combined game total) = New rating.

Example of the One time this rule has been used "so far" in this tournament:
Exselsior's new RC tournament rating will be
(Glb) 1714 x 100 games + (4v4) 1874 x 26 games = 220384/126 = 1749 Combined adjusted rating

Any Players with 2 ratings above 1800 will Not be able to participate in the <1,800 rating tournament.

Remember >1,800 players....
There is going to be another open Rainbow Cup at end of February where
historically everyone above 1,800 has
been picked to play in the 12 team, 3 man teams.
Hope to see you soon in the next Open!


@fearghal Yea good idea, but also using ladder rating is not effective thing, we may play as 2400 at ladder in 1v1 , but its doesnt possible to crush 2x 2000 with two bases, at the time teammates for real may blocking mass. Its need to have a discussing about balancing, for a fact need to analyticly place a stronk list a playerst by voting. And place them from 1-t -12-t captains list. For example Nexus with 2500 is not can win vs 4x 1800, Same situation with other guys. So if u dont want to see " predicted tourney" as it was last one, u should create Voting for stronk of players. Or at least rate it by tourney situations. Ratings from max number of all modes, doesnt work in team games, becouse players who really understand what they need, was picked already from the list. Also balance stuff from ladder is different to global rating with more then 2 players in team, and more-bad for 4v4. So what about ratings 2v2 and 4v4? Its broken. At the time guys from global getting +10-9 from won/loss, there we getting around 15-40, and its already making such a confuss. I have no real idea how u going to make it balanced from players "underrated", or "more teamplay active". I see only one way of playing ur tourneys: "just drop rating hard from 2300-2400 to 1800, and free get the best of us to crush, otherwise its auto-loss against stacked 1800-2100 rated guys. Thats like my emotions from last trip. Not really I did my best to win with my guys, they was good, but condition of balancing still seems retarded.



Kinda confused at your conclusions here.

One of the last captains to pick won the last event, anyone below Yudi could have picked the players he picked. The problem is more that there was a 200 rating discrepancy between you and Yudi which is huge and basically impossible to overcome unless there is also a 200 rating discrepancy in the draftees, but there are more 1800ish players than people at 2300-2400 so it doesn't happen. If you wanted perfectly equal teams you would have had to force Yudi and everyone above him to not pick anyone higher than seed 30 on the draftee list.

It doesn't help that we actually put decent thought into maps before the tourney and Yudi even trained Exselsior some prior to the tourney so even with the team being stacked in rating we put in a decent bit of extra effort.

Also with the tourney ending with seeds 3, 8, 2, and 11 as the 4 final teams I think that's a pretty great spread and doesn't make it predictable.


True.... RC III finished with
teams seeded 11, 1, 4 and 9
coming in 1st thru 4th,
which is also a pretty 'good' spread.


@fearghal Thanks for the info and the chance to play. One more question, If i play in the lower rated tourny can i play (try to) play in the higher one aswell? Ofc i dont have much chance of being picked but hopefully by the time the next one comes around i will be good enough to possibly get drafted.


@fearghal said in Rainbow Cup V & VI Tournaments:

*Anyone know of a way to download a list of All 4 Players ratings standings in one database in list form,
sort of like the way I stitched together these 2 lists, from last December.
Would be nice to be able to get current standings list in one DB, or
take snapshot of all the ratings side by side.

Players Ratings.jpg

You can just use the api at api.faforever.com/data/leaderboardRating

The response is formatted as json api which there are plenty of libraries you can use to parse to a list. Request parameters are at https://api.faforever.com/swagger-ui/index.html?urls.primaryName=data#/leaderboardRating/get_leaderboardRating


Everyone is able to register to play in the RCVI open tournament, to be held end of February.


After reading FtxCommandos "Teamgame Events" forum thread here:

I came up with an idea for the next two tourny registrations,
that is a mix and match of many of the ideas presented there.

For the next two 3v3 tourneys,
I would like to Incorporate a twist on choice #2 that most on the thread and I liked the most.

For the Open rating RCVI tourny:
I would also set an upper rating # at 2200 for the above 2200 rated players,
to then choose ONE teammate with a max 1900 rating and register as 2 players of a team.
(this allows 24 players to play with at least ONE definite playing partner of choice)
The 12 highest "combined rated" teams of 2 that register will get to play together and
draft a 3rd from a draft pool

After studying the RCIV registration player list:
I believe setting the 2 player limit at 4.1 K will be the best number to make/fill 12 teams.
Since RCIV had no player rated over 1900 in the 1st round draft pick,
and the cap rating # for above 2200 players is set at 2200, (2200 + 1900 = 4100)

For the draft - "true ratings" will determine the seeding order of the
combined 2 player teams , and
will determine the seeding order for the drafting of the final 3rd team player

This method also allows for 12 Individuals that did not make the top 12 rated teams or
did not register as a team to get drafted and play.
The lowest combined rated team gets to pick first in the draft,
then the next lowest rated team, and on up to the highest combined rated team last.

For the upcoming RCV tourny - 3v3 <1800 rated tourny:
I would like to do the same thing.
Have 12 teams of 2 , register with a max 3.5K? rating, and
use the same above draft method for the "2 player teams" to pick their 3rd player.

Feed back welcome - What you all thinK?


I think it would be fairer to just do a captain/draft system like RCIV did, but with the captains seeded by either their highest, median or mean rating within the last year, rather than their rating as of an arbitrary date.


@penguin_ The only 2 places I know of to check player ratings are
Discord !player

!player "only" shows global and ladder ratings.
(Question: is that ladder rating - a 1v1 ladder rating or
the combined avg of the 3 above non global type games, or
the highest of the 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 ladders?)

FAF competitive leaderboards have ratings and graphs for
all the Glb, 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 leaderboard players.

I don't think I would like to limit players to their "Highest" recent rating as
there could of been a hot streak, then leveling off afterwards.
Having a "median or mean" rating would be more preferable.

Right now the only way I can think of getting a players median rating, is
by manually checking players Highest of 4 leaderboard ratings,
viewing the graph,
trace along trendline for a subjective "median rating"
This would be time consuming, but doable,
and sure lead to "discussions" on how trend line
slope should be drawn and from which peaks and dips.

Would be nice if there was one place to check for
a players current "Tournament Handicap" rating.
The (1v1 and Team) "tournament handicap" ratings would be different from a
players "current" rating (which goes up and down after every game),
versus the
"Tournament Handicap" rating (which would be an algorithmic formulated "Avg mean"
with recent play weighted heavier than old).

But this is the type of true skill rating that we've all been desiring forever đŸ™‚

For RCIV I took screenshot of first 5 pages of
the global and 1v1 leaderboards on a certain date.

for this tourny,
I was going to take screen shot of first 5 pages of
all 4 leaderboard players ratings at
the time registration open.
I would post them side by side and have players choose the highest of their
Glbl, 1v1, 2v2, or 4v4 ratings

If anyone thinks a particular rating is too high,
maybe due to particular "un-fair?" spike on the screen shot that day, or
due to a very low game total sample for that ladder rating,
they could of course contact for a review.


@penguin_ I do love the Captain/draft system,
but would like to have some more input on this idea of allowing 2 player combos be able to co-sign up first.

This still has the Captain like seeding of a draft system
(although the Capt is the 2 player team instead of top rated team player, and
there is only a 1 round draft instead of 2 round)

I think after the recent 2 tourneys, everyone who liked the Captain/Draft system signed up and played.
And even though we did have Great turnouts,..
I do think there are some players who "may have" signed up if they were able to sign up w/friend.
Now with many players playing 2v2, I am sure they would also like to sign up as guaranteed teammates.

Having a one round draft from bottom combined rated team up to highest rated team will
act to balance out competition a little more also.

Trying out this Combination "2 player cosign and draft" Team formation format on the RCV will
be a good test to see if it will also work for the RCVI Open tourney.

I am thinking when registration opens people can sign up in two ways:
1- co sign as 2 players with max combined 3.4K rating or
2- sign up individual to be in draft or
to make self known to field to possibly form a team themselves before the draft.

Players can feel free to form teams from the
individual sign ups in the draft pool list of registrants,
right up to the last minute of registration:

Teams can keep registering and forming up to the last minute and
will continue to be reordered according to combined rating

If more than 12 teams are formed before registration deadline:
any teams not in the top 12 combined rating will be be disbanded and
offered a chance to enter draft pool as single players with
opportunity to be drafted on one of the 12 teams.


Your system is essentially the idea I was going to run with for the upcoming 4v4 event. I think it’s fine generally. The point of the 2200 ceiling rule is to encourage the top segment of FAF to actually play and have teammates they have regularly played with and therefore enjoy playing with. Since the highest level of lobbies is usually 1800+ a 4100 cap makes it possible for all players to be able to play with somebody they are at least sort of acquainted with. No idea if that’s why you adopted the rule here but that’s the intent behind it.


YES,, I read your whole 4v4 thread and liked all the reasons behind 2200 ceiling,
I think this format will work very well!


Registration is now open to players rated <1800* and below.

The registration period will end at 2400 EST on Sept 11th,
and the draft will start on Sept 12th.

Players may register as Doubles or as a Single.
Doubles are restricted to a combined rating of 3.5K rating.

The 12 highest combined rated Doubles who register will get to play together on the same team.
Doubles teams that are not in the top 12 combined ratings ranking,
will be disbanded and placed in the singles registry list,
to possibly be drafted by one of the top 12 teams.

The 12 teams will be seeded according to their Combined ratings and
get to draft their 3rd team member from the singles draft pool.
The draft will start from the lowest seeded team up to the highest seeded team.

To Register:
Leave your FAF player name (and team member if signing up as team),
along with the highest of your Global, 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 FAF rating below.


Pls sign me up if u can


Hi Unknow,
Thanks for signing up, but......
I'm sorry to inform you that
Your current Global and 1v1 are both above 1,800 and
you did get to play in RCIV.
This Tourney is for players below the 1,800 rating cap.


There is another Rainbow Cup (RCVI) planned for Feb that will be an open rating tournament for all.
Hope to see you there


For those who have NOT played in the previous Rainbow Cups III or IV, AND
are currently "Slightly" above 1800, due to a recent spike, AND
your previous last years timeline averages below the 1800 mark...
Can request to sign up, and
a decision will be made by the TD and
by another impartial judge as to your true skill level, and
may be admitted.
Someone with a higher than average 1,800 rating timeline will not be admitted,
as everyone who registered for the last Rainbow Cup
with a rating higher than 1,800 did get drafted and was able to play in the last tourney.

This tourney is for players who have Not had ratings high enough to be drafted in the previous 2 open RC's.
Thank You for understanding.