Rainbow Cup V ~ 3v3 ~ $1.2K


Registration is still open until end of Sunday night.
Sign up here, below this post or on Discord here:
The draft to create/complete teams will start Monday at 1300 UTC
If 12 (2) player teams are not created by end of registration period.
(strict 3500 max combined rating for 2 player sign up)
We will make the top rated singles captains.
They will then draft 1 player from the Draft Pool players.
When all single captains draft their first player,
(starting from lowest rated captain to the highest)
we will resort the 12 teams by combined ratings.
Then each team of (2) will draft their 3rd player,
starting from the Lowest Seeded (combined rating) team and
then continue sequentially up to the highest seeded team.
Things are looking good now and we are projected to have 12 teams,
with a pretty closely grouped combined team rating of ~4.4K rating.


Last night to register.

We would like to have a few more players sign up from ALL sub 1800 ratings,
to play on teams, or
be able to substitute on game day if necessary.

If your not sure if you can be free on Sept 24/25 and Oct 1,
you can sign up as a substitute, and be
able to replace players with a higher rating who are unable to play.

Draft to place single players onto teams will start tomorrow Sept 12 1400 UTC.


Registration period is now over.
The draft has now begun.

Captains... Please be sure to double check with players and confirm they are able to play before selecting them to join you team.

If any players drop out once the draft commences, we are Not able to reverse any draft picks.
If a player drops out during the draft...
we will stop draft process at that point and have the
team that "lost" a player pick first, before continuing the draft at the point it was paused.

If at any point the number of draftees drop below a certain point,
the number of teams may be reduced from the current 12 teams to a lesser number of teams to keep proper team balances and competitiveness.

Current registration and draft status:
RCV Reg.jpg


The draft has now begun and it is your turn to make the first draft pick.
I can not find you on the FAF Discord channel.
You can keep "better" track of the draft process on Discord.
Discord link here:


I think it would be interesting to allow players with a rating of 1800+ to participate next time. But then there would be a maximum of two players on their team

Sorry for my English. I use translator


@skrat Past Feb's RCIV was an open rating tourny, and
this coming Feb's RCVI will also be an open rating tourny.


Draft has commenced,

Players still needed to sign up as standby's.
You will not be eligible for the draft process,
but - if any players drop out at any time After the draft is complete,
you may substitute for any player with a higher rating.

All ratings from 800 to 1800 needed.


Sign up below to be put in the Standby pool.
Sign up for standby status is open thru out the whole tournament.
Standby's who fill in for a game will be credited for a whole match.
Any prize monies will be dived between players by
percentage of matches played.


Challonge Bracket is now live.

Current updated Challonge bracket below.

When submitting "team name" - try to keep to 20 characters or less to
be able to fit whole name in brackets. Thanks



Exciting 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


I don't know if any one else mentioned, but there's certainly some issues with starting locations on some of the maps not being symmetrical. Would you like some help fixing that?


Hi @Conorach, Thank You very much for the offer to help, but..

The Rainbow Cup tournaments have been using variable start spawns for the last 2 Tournaments and for this one also.

It's a 3 way FFA of sorts and players can strategize their line ups for each map.
Many maps "only" have 3 start spawns, but
many maps also have from 4-6 starting spawn sites to choose from.

ie: Map #1 - (which has been the starting map for RC III - V)
Here you can spawn in any of the 5 "open" spawns available.
(if the map, labels them closed, than you can not choose those spots)01AdTournDec1a.jpg

See post #2 at top of this forum,
for the tournament rules, explaining team colors, mods, maps and
the directions each captain should know to be able to host the game lobby and
set the options properly:

This is the from the "Directions" section, in Post #2:
When there are > 3 "open" start spawns,
follow this procedure to select team starting positions:
1 - !Roll - winner chooses to be: "team 1" or "team 2".
2- Team 1 - chooses side of map, team color, and set's up first.
3- Team 2 - sets up second.
4- Team 1 - can then choose to play "as is", Or
----has an option for a "One time only/permanent" position change.
5- Team 2 - can then play "as is", Or
----make a Final positional change. (get the last move)
6- Position AI, set Factions, and color them Green.
7- Close any open positions
8- Launch Game.

If any one else would also like to help out....
You can do so, by..... reporting any bugs or desynchs to
the AI Discord channel Bug reports and issue's section, here:
The AI department is very welcoming and helpful.
Please briefly discribe the issue, and if possible please include the
game replay link, and the game log.
Any issues you may find, will help this tourny run more smoothly.


Ahh it makes sense now. Thanks for letting us understand. We can choose where in the 5 spots we wish to spawn!

Great 🙂 Thanks so much @Fearghal !


when preparing and strategizing for the upcoming battles...
remember that the game scenario's posted so far, are "early" intelligence reports.
We still have a few days, before we make contact with enemy.
Our enemies are dynamic, and on the move.
Battle lines are still being drawn.
Forces may be stronger or weaker than expected,
the enemy may have even changed locations,
it's also quite possible that... there may be more enemy bases present then expected.

Prepare as best as you can.
Learn the maps, and be ready for everything and anything possible.
We will not know with certainty what awaits us until about 1 day before battles commence.
(when updated map scenario's will be released)
A good commander, Will adapt to unforeseen circumstances and come out on top.

Day One is going to be all 10x10 Land maps.
Day Two and Three will have some water maps and some 20x20 maps.

Here are the maps being used as of today:
RCVMaps.jpg *L, W, A + I = Land, Water, Air and Island type maps.


Unfortunately I won't be able to participate


The draft is now over, and Final teams have been formed.
players who were not chosen in the draft - have been moved into the standby pool.
Registration for "Stby pool" of players is still Open for Any <1800 players who can be available to substitute.
All ratings needed, as subs can only sub for players with a higher rating.
Here are the final Teams and the list of current stby players:
RCV Reg.jpg

Here is the Challonge brackets with
the dates and times above each bracket:

Follow Challonge bracket live updates here:


Sign up for Standby below,
Registration for stby is open thruout the tourny.

Just be available to play this weekend if someone suddenly drops out,
all ratings needed.


Final intel is in, and updated battle maps have been drawn for:
Saturday Day 1 - Scenarios # 1 - 9 just released!

Check Map Post #5 above for the Game/Scenario maps.

Some maps did stay the same, but
many of the maps have updated enemy factions, positions and strengths.

Everyone please check the mods vault and
make sure you have the most recent update versions of All of tommorows AI's.
3 out of 4 of tomorrows AI's have had a new version released this month.

Attention: Make sure that you have NO MORE mods loaded at same time then
that which is specifically stated in the Game/Scenario Map "blue outline box"


Tournament will be starting in Approx 2 Hrs.
Players and Standbys please report to the FAF Client irc rm #rainbow (open now)
a few minutes before game start to get added instructions.

Standbys can still register below to be able to substitute if any players do not show.
Just state "standing by" in post below, and I will post on stby registration list.
Thanks everyone and Good luck!