Rainbow Cup V ~ 3v3 ~ $1.2K ~ <1,800


I think it would be fairer to just do a captain/draft system like RCIV did, but with the captains seeded by either their highest, median or mean rating within the last year, rather than their rating as of an arbitrary date.


@penguin_ I do love the Captain/draft system,
but would like to have some more input on this idea of allowing 2 player combos be able to co-sign up first.

This still has the Captain like seeding of a draft system
(although the Capt is the 2 player team instead of top rated team player, and
there is only a 1 round draft instead of 2 round)

I think after the recent 2 tourneys, everyone who liked the Captain/Draft system signed up and played.
And even though we did have Great turnouts,..
I do think there are some players who "may have" signed up if they were able to sign up w/friend.
Now with many players playing 2v2, I am sure they would also like to sign up as guaranteed teammates.

Having a one round draft from bottom combined rated team up to highest rated team will
act to balance out team strengths..

Trying out this Combination "2 player cosign and draft" Team formation format
on the RCV will be a good test to see if it will also work for the RCVI Open tourney.

I am thinking when registration opens people can sign up in two ways:
1- co sign up as 2 players with max combined 3.5K rating or
2- sign up individual to be in draft.

Players can feel free to form teams from the
individual sign ups in the draft pool list of registrants,
right up to the last minute of registration:

Teams can keep registering and forming up to the last minute and
will continue to be reordered according to combined rating

If more than 12 teams are formed before registration deadline:
any teams not in the top 12 combined rating will be be disbanded and
offered a chance to enter draft pool as single players with
opportunity to be drafted on one of the 12 teams.


Your system is essentially the idea I was going to run with for the upcoming 4v4 event. I think it’s fine generally. The point of the 2200 ceiling rule is to encourage the top segment of FAF to actually play and have teammates they have regularly played with and therefore enjoy playing with. Since the highest level of lobbies is usually 1800+ a 4100 cap makes it possible for all players to be able to play with somebody they are at least sort of acquainted with. No idea if that’s why you adopted the rule here but that’s the intent behind it.


YES,, I read your whole 4v4 thread and liked all the reasons behind the
2200 player ceiling and the 4.1K combined ratings.
I think this format will work very well!


Registration is now open to players rated <1800* and below.

The registration period will end at 2400 EST on Sept 11th,
and the draft will start on Sept 12th.

Players may register as Doubles or as a Single.
Doubles are restricted to a combined rating of 3.5K rating.

The 12 highest combined rated Doubles who register will get to play together on the same team.
Doubles teams that are not in the top 12 combined ratings ranking,
will be disbanded and placed in the singles registry list,
to possibly be drafted by one of the top 12 teams.

The 12 teams will be seeded according to their Combined ratings and
get to draft their 3rd team member from the singles draft pool.
The draft will start from the lowest seeded team up to the highest seeded team.

To Register:
Leave your FAF player name (and team member if signing up as team),
along with the highest of your Global, 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 FAF rating below.


Pls sign me up if u can


Hi Unknow,
Thanks for signing up, but......
I'm sorry to inform you that
Your current Global and 1v1 are both above 1,800 and
you did get to play in RCIV.

This Tourney is for players below the 1,800 rating cap.

There is another Rainbow Cup (RCVI) planned for Feb that will be an open rating tournament for all.
Hope to see you there


For those who have NOT played in the previous Rainbow Cups III or IV, AND
are currently "Slightly" above 1800, due to a recent spike, AND
your previous last years timeline averages below the 1800 mark...
Can request to sign up, and
a decision will be made as to your true skill level, and
may be admitted.
Someone with a higher than average 1,800 rating timeline will not be admitted,
as everyone who registered for the last Rainbow Cup
with a rating higher than 1,800 did get drafted and was able to play in the last tourney.

This tourney is for players who have Not had ratings high enough to be drafted in the previous 2 open RC's.
Thank You for understanding.


Put me in coach

Also if someone were to be under 1800 now but get better by September 11th what happens? Obviously not me but hypothetically


Anyone on screen shot of todays ratings who is now below 1800,
but rises above 1800 can be admitted to play.
See screen shot in post #7 below:


Penguin_ (1656) and Se7ven (1742) signing up as a double (3398)


SpikeyNoob (1739) and Exselsior (1714 global) signing up together (3453)


Javi (1563 1v1) Signing up but looking for a teammate to practice/play

FAF = Femboy Alliance Forever
Come check the draft of the FAF website 4.0! https://www.test.faforever.com/


Players signing up as a single,
can still join and pick a team mate to sign up,
as part of doubles team any time before the registration period ends.

Signing up Now as a single will let others now you are a "Free Agent" now and
may be willing to join someone's team if they so desire,
or they may remain in the "singles draft pool" until draft begins.


Aranei (1700-1800) + Crypteck (1400-1500)


Some have suggested having team names for the tourney would be fun 🙂
So... If teams prefer... they can sign up with a Team Name.
If no Team Name given before tourney start,
players FAF names will be used in the Challonge Tourney Brackets instead.

players signing up as Doubles may also include a Team Name along with the
two players names and ratings.


Skuzz (1423) signing up.


Nightblood 1321 signing up


Can someone rename to Vasher and join up with Nightblood