Gun splash upgrade

I get the feeling this will make Sera com drops OP. For comparison, Cybran laser costs 4k mass and 500k energy for twice the DPS and no splash and it's just about expensive enough for the other side to get T3 air and some ASFs.

Besides, Sera double gun doesn't merely "keep up" with T2 and T3, it straight up deletes everything up to mid-T3 including enemy coms.

It doesn’t increase range nor hp so you still die to siege bots and snipers very easily. It compares more to chrono to me in the sense that it’s an upgrade you take for an all in push rather than a t3 hq upgrade and you hope to win before t3 builds up in critical mass.

Used to be a common keyser cheese but sera is now played by joyless meta slaves so they don’t know how to have fun.

Unlike chrono emergency pd and ACUs don’t counter it though, you need either air or a properly set up firebase if you didn’t already get several t3 units out to stop it.

I have found that by the time you can afford the splash upgrade there are strategic bombers on the map (around the 10 to 15 min mark). Once there are strategic bombers on the map it is not safe for the acu to be walking around.

Here are 2 options

  1. Make the splash upgrade be on par as the Cybran laser, making the seraphim acu be able to do tele snipes like Cybran with laser.
  2. Make it a lot cheaper but only have it increase the gun range and speed a little.

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What i had in head when proposing this was to make it closer to a chrono upgrade.
Also being a choice in the game, do you want to push the momentum and go aggro with your com in the T2 to T3 phase and sacrifice a T3 mex and late eco or get that T3 mex and go T3 spam into exp.

It is close to a chrono upgrade as it is and if you buff the e cost of the upgrade you make it near impossible to counter in teamgames because a front player going double gun does not entail anything for you having or not having air control.

This basically presents your only viable counter being some mega 10k investment in a prebuilt firebase to counter the ACU by everyone or he just gets transported somewhere where he autowins the fight. The only exception is if enough time passed for 5 or so snipers/percies to be made to counter the ACU wherever he is.

Double gun requires about 5 t2 pgens to rush in 100 seconds or so, you can absolutely do this around min 12 on tons of maps especially if you get some level of team coordination going.

I should also say that chrono in itself is quite busted and could see with some nerfs too rather than making a new version of it tbh.

You're sacrifying a T3 mex, delaying T3 tech and building 5 T2 pgen, thats quite an expense. If in that time the only thing your opponent was able to do is make a firebase, i blame him, not the gun. In that time he could get a T3 mex and T3 tech and start popping out T3 units either to raid you (and you're still at T2 tech and eco) or to straight out force you back (gun doesn't make you more tanky). He could also get air which in that case gun doesn't help

T3 mex and t3 hq is like double the mass of double gun lol, idk what to tell you other than the fact gun is totally viable to abuse during t3 transition if you actually plan for it and yes, there is nothing you can do about it beyond a preplanned firebase if it comes for you.

Double gun doesn’t make you tanky but you automatically get 5 vet with double gun and it isn’t hard to delay a push for another 20 seconds to grab first nano with it either.

Double nano is the t3 stage combat upgrade of sera which does require a t3 pgen.

Even if gun costs half the mass of a t3 mex or t3 hq, the problem is the energy, not the mass. How do you get the t3 pgen if you did not invest in t3 in the first place? It may be viable to abuse during t3 transition, but you would need considerable results to justify the investment. It takes time, and energy at a crucial point in a match.

I think this upgrade is heavily tied to advanced nano because of the threat of air snipes. So while the cost itself is fine, getting advanced nano is a must to survive air snipes. Thus the upgrade gets made too late on its own or takes a gamble by investing in adv nano. Your opponent is either dominating air or is going for t3 air or both. It makes more sense to invest the energy to contest/keep air control. This is for 1v1 btw.

Double nano double gun ACU can kill an ML easily (or a chicken with decent micro), nothing short of an investment equivalent to that is killing it so bringing advanced nano makes the whole convo pointless.

Double gun counters:

  • Total air supremacy
  • Coherent firebase since lines of pds die extremely quickly to the aoe of the gun
  • 5 snipers or competently micro’d percies (around 5k-6k mass investment) which can still be killed by the double gun ACU dropping on the units

Air supremacy is not tied to someone going double gun in a teamgame, hence relying on it is inherently risky. Instead you are left with the firebase option or having enough aa alongside your t3 army to discourage a drop on your supposed counter and resulting in you dying.

You don’t need a t3 pgen for double gun, so irrelevant point. The results of your investment is a won game as basically nothing exists to stop your push except a large concentration of bp which is usually only located right at the enemy main base.

If you’re looking at it from 1v1 then I have nothing to say because nobody seems to even use it in 1v1. Buffing it for 1v1 makes sera which is already probably the best all around faction in teamgames even more ridiculous just for the 6 dudes that even see the beginning of t3 stage in ladder. It would need a huge nerf like taking the aoe away to even be considered much cheaper than it currently is.

Dont forget Sera have very strong mobile shields. While I can't speak from experience of using shield+Gun-SingleNano ACU (as I tend to prefer Cybran if I'm planning a maxed out ACU attack), just looking at the numbers you can avoid getting advanced nano to allow a double-gun Sera ACU to attack sooner and use a mobile shield to make up half the difference (since the shield is a lot faster than the ACU so could even join the ACU part-way through the attack either by running to it or a transport drop). 1 mobile shield+1 Nano gives you 23.5k health and saves 4.5k mass (and a huge amount of energy) compared to getting advanced nano.

Splash can be done on 3 t2 pgens.
#13529695 Maverick gets splash at 17mins on 1 t2 pgen (probably with air player support) highly effective.
#14884744 Rowan gets splash at 11.40 off 3 t2 pgens, would have won the game if not for north team air dominance
(and yes I understand that both of these maps are high reclaim)
Its highly situational for sure and maybe a bit of a meme strat but so is getting mazer (which requires either cloak or tele to even be considered useful as cybran doesn't have nano or shield).

Also you only need even air to exploit an early splash as if the enemy has to resort to sniping you then your team should win air.

The problem is at 11.40 or 17mins there is T3 air at that stage, it is just too risky to have the ACU be out in front with the splash upgrade were all it takes is 2 strats to take the acu out.

If T3 air did not come into play until the 17-20 min mark then splash upgrade is a good option as there is time to use it before t3 air comes.

If you ask me under 10 min strategic bomber is too fast, however that is a another topic.

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Why enemy has luxury to make the equivalent of 7 asfs worth of strats when asf total count should be like 10 and not get punished for it

You can also dodge 2 strats like half the time with even rudimentary circle micro.

If you mean that pushing in during t3 transition phase is bad when your air player is 5 minutes behind, well then yeah, that's true regardless of faction or map.

just add the ability to shoot planes with the splash upgrade, ez fix

frick snoops!

Double gun basically makes your commander a tiny experimental which can be problematic if the aim of the game is to kill the enemy commander, if you make it more easily gotten in 1v1 it will be way too common in teamgames where people can pool resources

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Still at the moment even with all the assumption made about the change, splash upgrade is a meme. The cost is too expensive for something that you would put on your com early and not impactful enough when getting it late because of exp/strats.

What i proposed was approximately a 25% cost reduction but it could be less. It could also be a reduction on the building time

I'd say either make it the same cost and dps as cybran laser, making the only option for mid game pushing the regen aura upgrade or change it to something along the lines of

Damage per shot + 750 -> + 300 (1700 -> 800 dps with the gun upgrade)

Cost (roughly same cost as chrono/tac pack)
mass 5,400 -> 1,750
energy 270,00 -> 52,500

Which would put a gun nano splash sera acu in line with a heavily upgraded sACU rather than a mini exp.

I'd see more close to 2.5k/3k mass and 100k E for 500/550

So, what the balance team think about it and it's implementation?

Why not make it into a two stage upgrade like RAS?
This would make it more useful, as it is more affordable without getting to strong and it also acts as a warning to the opponent, that he should prepare for a full double gun ACU.