WD #3 - Ridiculous Balance Ideas


I keep hoping for the day when Cybran T3 engineers/Sacus can build Salems on land like tiny experimentals

Fatboys would be toast

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


ASF moved to t1


Strats are shooting with nuclear bombs

My UI Mods


ACUs can shoot and OC air units.

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Always thought the exp chicken should get egg laying instead of the megalith. So...
Ilshavoh become ythotha on vetting up.
Ythotha can lay eggs like a megalith that spawns ilshavoh.


Nobody uses the mobile factory aspects of units except for maybe T3 aircraft carriers. I would allow Fatboys to construct units whole moving for example, and buff Megalith buildrate

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


More fuel for t1 air

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Remove Cybran frigate radar and make Moles amphibious.


When units vet, they get LARGER


I’ll just leave this here


Add the Bismarck dreadnought, from the Blackops mod to the game.

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Madness 1 - 10



There will be weather seasons from now on.

Winter comes with snow avalanche passing throw the map. Spring smelts it and creates rivers which sweeps everything away in his way. Summer will drain rivers and seas. Autumn comes with a tornado.


the most ridiculous take of them all:

give sparky t2 build suite


(I'm an idiot and misread the prompt, so going to completely change my post. and leave the original at the bottom marked out.)

Allow the harbinger to use the sacrafice ability that all the engineers can do, with the cost of the harbinger it would make it a real strategy when you have large armies of harbs to use half of them to get a gc out quickly.

Give the Aurora a 50HP shield. I know it'll never happen but I love the idea of it the more I think of it. give it the ability to survive t1 bombers and make the faction consistent having every main battle unit feature a personal shield (obsidian and harbs being the other main battle units.)


Make the chrono dampener a chrono booster instead which increases speed and production of all units within range.

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Soulripper can pick up units and experimentals like a dropship. And also shoot other gunships.


Galaxy Class Battleship now shoots Trebuchet shells, and the Summit also shoots Demolisher shells

  • Make experimentals and select other units able to get enhancements (like coms can, but different actual enhancements)
  • Add a T3 tactical nuke plane to each faction - the plane would build them manually, be slow-moving, could target land or air (ie: to blow up ASF swarms), and the tactical nuke could be intercepted by TMD and SMD
  • Significantly increase aeon strategic bomber's weapon damage, lower its firing rate, and heavily nerf its AOE #specialization

pfp credit to gieb