cant get on faf

Hi i am unable to log into faf as it states i have to link my game to steam even though it is linked.i have been playing for years lol please help

The username you used to log in to the forums, Nebula_Storm, only has replays from 2013-2014, long before Steam linking was required (the requirement started in 2019)

If you played FAF in the last 7 years, that means you have two FAF accounts. Log in with the other one.

Or, if you haven't played in the last 7 years, then you never did Steam linking. So go ahead and steam-link your account:

thanks for reply arma473 the account i have been using for years was linked Solar_Storm i have taken a break for the last few months and now i cant log in.i have tried reinstall everythng and nothing works.also it is telling me my account is linked when i try to do it.dont know what else to do?

Error You linked this account already to user with name 'Solar_Storm'.

So you should log in with the FAF account Solar_Storm not Nebula_Storm. If you forgot the password you can reset it on the website using your steam account.

i have mate it dont work keeps telling me to link account

That means you are logging in with Nebula_Storm, check the username you are entering.

i only log in with Solar_Storm have done for idea why i cant login with solarstorm like i always d0

faf was workig fine before i took a break for a few months.solarstorm is linked account and that is what m using to sign in with

All I can say is that if when you try to link your steam to another account and it tells it is already linked to Solar_Storm then that just means that you are not logging into the client with the Solar_Storm account. Likely a typo or accidentally using a different account when logging into the client so I would double check.

I noticed that you just used the name solarstorm. That is a different account if it does not have the underscore.

n that was me just bieng lazy

if i log in with Solar_Storm account that is linked.why is it asking me to link game again.i only usethat account have done for years.

If you login with Solar_Storm and it asks you to link then you need to link. But if you link and it is telling you that Solar_Storm is already linked then that just means you are not logging into the client with Solar_Storm

ok mate thnks for your help i will try again to see what i am doing wrong