cant get on faf

i have mate it dont work keeps telling me to link account

That means you are logging in with Nebula_Storm, check the username you are entering.

i only log in with Solar_Storm have done for idea why i cant login with solarstorm like i always d0

faf was workig fine before i took a break for a few months.solarstorm is linked account and that is what m using to sign in with

All I can say is that if when you try to link your steam to another account and it tells it is already linked to Solar_Storm then that just means that you are not logging into the client with the Solar_Storm account. Likely a typo or accidentally using a different account when logging into the client so I would double check.

I noticed that you just used the name solarstorm. That is a different account if it does not have the underscore.

n that was me just bieng lazy

if i log in with Solar_Storm account that is linked.why is it asking me to link game again.i only usethat account have done for years.

If you login with Solar_Storm and it asks you to link then you need to link. But if you link and it is telling you that Solar_Storm is already linked then that just means you are not logging into the client with Solar_Storm

ok mate thnks for your help i will try again to see what i am doing wrong