people, help !! tell me, is there any modification so that you can so easily destroy your command bot ?? I play in the position of economics and I need to sometimes destroy my extractors and build a tech extractor in their place as a commander, but often the game does not choose an extractor and accidentally destroy my commander. ; (advise something so that I can't just kill him, or so that the game asks me if I really want to kill my commander !!!

Hi bogdganku, you can still use the control + K but you need to click and have the extractor selected first instead of your acu. Then there is a 5 second delay till it blows up.
So just ensure you click on the mex first and you should be okay unless your key binding is set differently.

Ras Boi's save lives.

There is also a hotkey to instantly destroy selected units which I would highly suggest to use over the 5s-thing, I do not know the default keybinding for it - Just look out for it in the menu.

@bogdganku There is UI mod called "ACU Self Destruct Confirm". Personnally I never tried it.

Thank you very much, you helped me a lot! I once dropped the game for a month because I accidentally destroyed my commander and let my team down. Then I asked a streamer about the game for this problem and there I was advised to "break a key or fingers"))) I thank everyone that there is a normal community