Hello, i need help me game crash again

Hello, i need help me game crash again. Im send LOGS. game_17079768.log

I see no cause for the crash in that log, just a few warnings.

What is your native language? Maybe I can find someone speaking your language, to avoid further misunderstandings.


I speak Polish, but you can write back in English, I will certainly manage. Where do errors come from? I have never had such problems.

I wrote about the warnings, what do they refer to ? What should I check ?

  1. Happens it with/without mods?
  2. All the time?
  3. only on a specific map?

The best way is to remove the log folder and get clean logs of the crash, to avoid any old noise.

2 all the time in game and when im watch replays. OK im try clean all logs.

im format 😄 ;DDD and again intstall windows and now its fine . THX for help.