New FAF Teams

TL;DR The Council of Setons has been replaced with FAF teams of contributors who are responsible with maintaining the core aspects of FAF. Members of each team and their descriptions can be found on the wiki here FAF Teams.

During the previous General Meeting of the FAF Association, the members of the association decided to transition the maintenance of FAF away from the previously known Council of Setons into a more distributed set of teams that are each responsible for a distinct area of the FAF community. This was done to hopefully increase transparency of the inner workings of FAF as well as help to keep contributors and players engaged in the community.

Previously the Council of Setons was made up of 8 councilors: Administration, Balance, Game, DevOps, Promotions, Creative, Player, Moderation. The duties of the councilors has been split between the following 11 teams: Trainer, Community, Promotions, FAFLive, Tournament, Matchmaking, Balance, Game, Creative, Moderation, and DevOps. The members and elected leaders of each team can be found on the wiki. If you are interested to start contributing to FAF in any of the areas feel free to reach out to the members on the team for more info.

Additionally the Player Councillor position has been removed and its various responsibilities split up. The aspect of community engagement will be picked up by the newly introduced Community Manager who is elected by the general FAF player base in May.

We would like to thank all the past councilors who helped to make FAF what it is today and look forward to continuing to work with the board and new teams.

From a practical standpoint there should be no disruptions to FAF operations due to any of these changes.