Diagnose Lag Issues

What was the issue? 🙂

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@zigster Please... even if you just tried rebooting your computer or applying updates... don't leave us hanging! What if someone finds this post and has the same issue!?


  • Disabled NVIDIA Display Container LS Option (In Service Display Manager) - Helped by Conorach
  • Lowered Screen Resolution
  • Updated JAVA
  • Updated all Windows / PC Drivers
  • Reloaded FAF / Updated New FAF Client
  • Bypassed Router, LAN direct connection to PC - Router also may be dying
  • Cleared all Cache Files @Prefetch Cahe; %temp% Cache; Temp Cach; Ran WSreset

Hope that helps

But what was the problem

Could very well be nvidia driver issues.

Is there any other recommendation to try with the NVIDIA problem other than as I mentioned, it persists a fraction still

Eternal - Updating JAVA however, really changed the game speed from poor to good though

Last update on the above. I found a corrupt MOD (BREWLAN) on my Client - Deleting this increased the game speed dramatically.