Quantum Resource Generators V17 for all game versions


This is Quantum Resource Generators version 17 for all Supreme Commander game versions. Tested with (vanilla)1.5.3599, (steam)1.6.6, (FAF)1.5.3652+, Nomads
This mod supports Nomads.

Quantum Resource Generators <for all gameversions> v17
DownloadSize: 65 KB, Unpacked: 128 KB

Author: Uveso

How to install:

UnZip the archive.

Copy the "QuantumResourceGenerators" folder from the Zip archive to:

C:\...User...\My Games\Gas Powered games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Mods\

The right Filepath to the file "mod_info.lua" should be then:

C:\...User...\My Games\Gas Powered games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Mods\QuantumResourceGenerators\mod_info.lua

Start the game, and activate inside the modmanger "Quantum Resource Generators".

This Mod adds the following 5 buildings:

UEF Buildings:
UEF - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Tarapur - (Experimental Resource Generator)

CYBRAN Buildings:
CYBRAN - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Madras - (Experimental Resource Generator)

AEON Buildings:
AEON - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Narora - (Experimental Resource Generator)

SERAPHIM Buildings:
SERAPHIM - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Uyayaliya - (Experimental Resource Generator)

NOMADS Buildings:
NOMADS - EXPERIMENTAL - LAND : Sarge - (Experimental Resource Generator)

Quantum Resource Generators cost 50% more then a normal paragon and produces 50% less.
They have shields, and power/mass creation can be switched on/off.

The mod also adds BuilderGroups for normal and sorian AI.
AI will be able to build up to 3 Resource Generators.

Update 16.Jun.2019 (v17)
-Fixed unitnames to match the latest nomads version.

Update 20.Jan.2019 (v16)

  • Unit UEB1404 Optimized function call :IsDead() to .Dead
  • Unit URB1404 Optimized function call :IsDead() to .Dead
  • Unit UAB1404 Optimized function call :IsDead() to .Dead
  • Unit XSB1404 Optimized function call :IsDead() to .Dead

Update 28.Dec.2017 (v15)
-Fixed version check for steam games.
-Fixed Build-Priority to build the first generator earlier.
-Added 2nd builder with lower Build-Priority for generator no. 2+3

Update 19.Jun.2017 (v14)

  • Renamed ShaderName from 'NomadUnit' to 'NomadsUnit'

Update 26.Apr.2017 (v13)

  • Added Resource Generator for Nomads
  • Removed texture and model files from all units. They will now loaded directly from gamedirectory. (Mod size reduced from 2.8 MB to 128 KB)