BlackOpsFAF-Unleashed only for FAF v20



thank you a lot for the nice and appreciated feedback πŸ˜„


Always nice to check in once and a while and see this is still being played and somewhat maintained πŸ™‚


Love this, about to give it a spin again! For me there's no better way of playing this game


Is it possible to modify the experimental build times to align with FAF balance? It’s a little jarring with the vastly different build times of the Black Ops exps vs FAF exps.

Also attack drones on units don’t seem to be working.


steam game no??

BlackOps 6.0

UEF T4 Dreadnought - Conquest Class ATTACK no <---- Bug Fix Request


@Nari ,

hello and thanks for your feedback!
Yes, its possible to change the buildtime for experimentals.

I am short in time, but you could write down the experimentals that need to change with
the new buildtime you think that will match FAF.

Also what drones on what unit are not working ?


I am sorry, but this is a FAF only version of Black Ops.
No support for Steam or BlackOps 6.0


Hey @Uveso .. Got another one. πŸ˜„ Something has recently broken BlackOps teleporting units. Most notably the T3 Aeon transports and the T3 Harassment bots. (ACU and SACU teleport still works).

Not sure if this was the recent FAF UI changes because the teleport button is there, but pressing it for these units now does nothing. The T3 Transport has a 5000 energy cost requirement. If that is not met the 'insufficient energy' error message appears, but if it IS met, the transport does nothing and defaults to finding a spot to land.

Replay doesn't really show anything, but I can make one if you want. Easy to replicate if you just cheat in a couple of each unit. Thx Sir!


We added some conditions to teleportation to prevent glitches:

Those likely broke* the mod.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


Hey @Uveso . Hate me yet? lol

I don't know if this is under BlackOps or BlackOps ACU... But years ago there was a problem with Cybran ACU that the maser wouldn't function properly if the ACU got in a transport. That has since been fixed in Vanilla FAF (tested to make sure it wasn't reintroduced)

With BlackOps, that bug is still present. If the Cybran ACU teleports, it works fine. If they enter a transport, then when they land, it fires erratically, often not firing at all for long periods of time.

Let me know if I can provide a replay, but it's pretty easy to recreate also.

[edit] made a quick cheating replay with ping notations:



why should i hate my best reporter for bugs??? πŸ˜‰

As always thanks for your report, and i will write this down to my ToDo list.
Since this has been fixed in the FAF game, it should be easy to fix in Black Ops as well.



Well while you're penciling that 'to do' list.. πŸ˜‰

If FAF is nerfing experimental crash damage in an upcoming patch, am I right in predicting any flying experimentals that BlackOps doesn't touch (ie Soulripper, Ahwassa) will get the nerf, but ones that are modified (ie Czar) and BlackOps units (like the UEF Flying Fortress) will stay with high damage because of how mod blueprints overwrite?

If it helps to have a list, here's the ones I would think need to be updated when those values get patched:

Czar (maybe: I don't know if crash damage is in the modded BlackOps Czar blueprint)
Artemis Satellite (Aeon)
Citadel (UEF)
Gargantuan (Cybran)



Well, I calculate air crash damage using a fixed formula for all units in mods.

Let's see how random these FAF changes are or if they use some mathematical calculation for all units.


They are blueprint changes to individual units.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned