BlackOpsFAF-Unleashed only for FAF v19


@Uveso After some quick testing, it does seem to work? Sort of, an experimental lambda PD couldn't block a tech 1 Tank Hunter Mobile PD from UEF.

And even the ACU or lambda bots don't do it consistently,

the Lambda blocking only 1 shot out of 10 or so, and the ACU every third shot?

But most importantly, it doesn't have any visuals, for none of them.

I quickly tried to check in code what could be wrong, and in for example, on line 8 it imports seraphimunits.lua, but that file didn't exist in my install


Great work guys, love it!



well, i found the issue. Had to go back to october 2016.

The Lambda defence was changed by icedreamer in 2016.
First the Lambda was defending 100% of all projectiles.
After the patch it only deflect 5-30% of the projectiles depending on the unit.

This was the patch:

I checked the code for more errors, but the code itself is running as designed.
So there is no error, it was a balance decision to reduce the reflect rate of the Lambda field.

The file seraphimunits.lua can be found in:
and in the original game files in :
(its packed inside the lua.scd file, rename the .SCD to .ZIP and you can unpack the archive)


I use the Lambda field in my mod for my survival, and I can confirm that it does stop projectiles - albeit irregularly. Which would be consistent with a 5-30% chance to trigger.
So that part works as it should i guess.

No visuals though.


@Uveso Oh sweet, then sorry for the false report!

But yeah, i distinctly remember from back then that there were visuals for lambda?



it wasn't a false report; compared to 2015, the Lambda has lost 95% effectiveness in some cases.
This was an absolute correct observation.

I'll take a look at the gfx later, although I'm not a graphics expert.


Cool! You're the best 🙂


I know BlackOps hasn't really been touched in a while, but we've noticed that a recent patch broke the Aeon T3 tactical missile launcher (Purifier).

The recent Game Update 3738 makes reference to "(#3946) Fix damage of child projectiles, such as Cybran tactical missiles after they split"

I'm assuming it's a related problem since the Purifiers use child projectiles too.

To Recreate:

Build Aeon Purifier in any game.
Fire purifier at enemy structures.
Purifier will strike and appear to explode, but no damage to structures.

Thanks in advance


@Uveso to what repository can I make a pull request?

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