BlackOpsFAF-ACUs only for FAF v19


This is BlackOps-ACUs version 19 for FAF game versions. Tested with (FAF)1.5.3652+

BlackOpsFAF-ACUs <only for FAF> v19
DownloadSize: 14.5 MB, Unpacked: 33.5 MB

Special Thanks to:

Author: Exavier Macbeth, Lt_hawkeye, orangeknight

How to install:

Unrar the archive.

First copy the "BlackOpsFAF-ACUs" folder from inside the Mods directory to:

C:\...User...\My Games\Gas Powered games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Mods\

This Mod modifies or adds the following 5 Units to the game:

UEF Units:
UEF Armored Command Unit
UEF Hawkeye - (Spy Satellite)

Cybran Armored Command Unit

AEON Units:
Aeon Armored Command Unit

Seraphim Armored Command Unit

Update 21.Aug.2022 (v19)

  • Unit eal0001 (Aeon Armored Command Unit) Changed sizeX to 0.18
  • fixed missing unit.FactionCategory (for FAF patch)

Update 01.Feb.2019 (v18)

  • Unit EAL0001 Changed Weapon stats for Energized Molecular Inducer (see tooltip)
  • ALL ACU's: Changed BuildCostEnergy and BuildCostMass for veteran system and ACU factory mods.
  • ALL ACU's: Fixed Death Nuke DamageType

V19 (21.Aug.2022)

  • Unit eal0001 (Aeon Armored Command Unit) Changed sizeX to 0.18
  • fixed missing unit.FactionCategory

Hey there, thank you so much for keeping this extremely fun mod updated. Just downloaded and It's incredibly fun! Really makes ACUs interesting to use late-game.

I noticed some minor bugs discrepancies and have replicated it in Sandbox mode, hopefully this is the right place to report it.

  1. For some reason, with this mod running Build Mode doesn't seem to work for any units aside from the ACU

  2. The Overcharge Amplifier upgrade on the Seraphim ACU doesn't seem to do anything - no matter what level I am, it's still doing 15k damage. I tested this on both a GC and Monkeylord.

  3. This might be more of a thought on balancing - the Aeon ACU's upgraded shield feels extremely strong and feels much tankier than the other ACUs despite technically having lower regeneration stats, etc. I think it's because most high DPS weapons are direct fire beams of some sort and I'm not sure what the damage reduction % is, but other ACUs, various T3s and Exp. units seems to barely scratch that shield.

This is for Version 19 and FAF 3750



thank you for your feedback!

I'll look into these issues and see what I can do