AI-Uveso (v96) - AI mod for FAForever


Back to topic please, the question was:

Is there a way to disable the (AI) suicide functions?

So any answer that leads to disable the Suicide function is welcome.


Update 28.Jun.2021(v96)

  • Opt: ACU-AI was evading from non combat units like massextractors.
  • For AI devs: removed marker pruning from function CleanMarkersInMASTERCHAIN for all layers.

First of all, thank you for this brilliant AI mod.
It has breathed new life into the game for us.

Has the recent FAF patch impacted this AI much?
E.g, the Aeon seem to build A LOT of shield disruptors. Attacking forces can seem composed almost entirely of them.


Hello @Stin,

Thank you for your kind words.

The FAF patch has normally no impact to my AI.
I develop my AI on the deploy/FAFdevelop branch of the game, and test
gamepatches with my AI before they are released.

The Aeon shield disruptor is a special unit and has maybe some wrong bluprint entries.
I guess the AI gives a buildorder for shield or cloak units and gets a shield disruptor if it has the Aeon faction.

I will check that, thanks for reporting !


Any self-awareness features planned to celebrate the upcoming v100?


Oh, i never thought about the v100

Maybe its time for an easter egg 🙂


@bude132 said in AI-Uveso (v96) - AI mod for FAForever:


Depending on whether you can generate enough energy and mass (eg: multiple paragons or the like) you can add and build the mod "Experimental SquareSheilds".

Square edged LARGE shield, lots of damage absorption, and no impact damage to any shielded unit/structure.


Just catching up on release notes.
Love update version 93, Especially this change:
New: AI is now able to use gifted factories also after full share or player disconnect.
This is great for Full Share AI / Human games
where the AI will Now control the gifted bases the same as the Human players.
Gotta close that gap 😉



Thaks for your reply

I don't know if i posted this, but the sharing also works for mobile units.
In case the AI gets units from a player that are outside every location manager, it will move those units
to the neearest base so they can be reassigned to the manager.


Is there a way to get an older version? In the new version, the AI keeps sending his ACU near my base.