M&M Team "Top Picks" Map Submissions


The "Top Picks" is a special list in the map vault that the Creative Councilor and team pick out by hand.

Typically the list is a little bit useless because it only shows the most recent additions, but thanks to Sheikah, a PR has been made to the client that allows the list to show maps at random. If the PR is implemented this list will be much more relevant.

To go along with that PR, I want to add in a new list of maps.

My goal for the use of this list will be to present a range of top quality maps to the end user for a variety of different experiences.
Hopefully, people who wander onto the vault tab looking for something fresh may immediately be served something that would be worth hosting a game on.

You can submit your work to be considered for this list here.
All you have to do is convince me that your work is worth being on the list.

I'm well aware convincing me your map is good is an almost impossible task, and I don't plan on being lenient on my choices.
Here are some basic guidelines of what will help you get into the list.

  • Teamgame maps have an astronomically higher chance of being added.
  • I won't consider maps that are not decalled except in very special circumstances.
  • Furthermore, ugly looking maps or maps with low effort are also not going to be considered. Maps that have lighting that is so white/black that they're impossible to see are also not going to be considered.
  • I have a decent gaming/workstation PC, and if your map slows down the game on my PC due to reclaim spam/decal LODS/etc, it won't be considered.
  • I have a much higher chance of looking at your map if you link screenshots, don't try and get too wild with the freecam, just show me what it looks like normally.
  • If you can't convince me with images, a 2000 word essay will not help your odds of being included. So please don't make one.
  • FFA maps, asymmetric maps, XvXvX maps, survival maps, PVE maps, are allowed.
  • The maps don't need to belong to you.
  • Maps are considered on a case by case basis.
  • I reserve the right to allow/deny any maps to the list for any reason.

Here is the list I've made already. I haven't sent it off yet, so please feel free to submit maps to get in on the first wave of entries.

The Requisite
Adaptive Archsimkats Valley
Funeral Plains
Festea VII
The Drunken Beetles Dance
Crash Site
The Crucible
Adaptive Salt and Pepper
Gates of Anubis
Turtle Rocks
Adaptive Crateria
Sun Dragon Temple
Adaptive Hutts Clutch
Adaptive Oscars Graveyard
Adaptive Islet
Adaptive Pandemonium Pass
Adaptive Long John Silver
Triad Terraces
Adaptive Kusoge
Gateway and Rose
Rusting Iron Roundel
Adaptive Algun
Adaptive Amadeo and Eliseo
Perrote Glacier
Mellow Shallows
Sweepwing Sanctum
Zerg Canyon

Keep this thread clean for purely submissions, my changelog of additions, and feedback on them.
Thank you.


Adaptive Aldrasil - This map was refined many times with a lot of effort, and it received a similar score in a mapping tournament to Sun Dragon Temple, which is in the above list.
alt text
alt text


Just gonna list some teamgame maps I had a good time on that aren't on the list:

Mavy's Marsh
Adaptive Maridia
Tabula Rasa

There was also a decent map that I think was called Tropical Touch but I can't find it in the vault anymore.

I also would suggest Lost Paradise but that map should really be made symmetrical first...


Modestly offer:step.jpg
A pair of water maps:heart.jpg
From another:big.jpg


Regarding "Mavys Marsh"

I actually had it on my list.
But when I loaded it ingame, my frames couldn't handle it, so I took it off.

This is because all of the decals are set to render at any distance, which is typically a taboo for mappers.

You'll notice on my maps or etc, that decals appear at a certain zoom level.
This is standard practice to help PC performance. I would like to think my PC is in the top quarter of all FAF user's hardware so if it doesnt work for me, imagine a poor sod trying to run the map on a gaming laptop from 2011.


I submit my map Adaptive Hutts Clutch for consideration and will iterate on feedback and bugs reported in the future. Thanks.



@Arhurt Did you read the current list before you posted?


I did Biass, but I also believe I should go through and officially submit it just because I'm a sucker for proper procedure =P Should have clarified it above.

In any case, I'm happy to have made the first curt. I fully intend to dive back in but I had to focus on my work. Hopefully things stabilize after the new years and I can focus on hobby projects once more.


I submit my map from old : Perdido Valley: 20x20 - 8 players.
Asymmetric map for a different experience (fully and painstakingly decaled and with AI markers).
Screenshots here : https://forums.faforever.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=8414&hilit=perdido+valley


@Krapougnak Hats off - I can only imagine the amount of time that you spent into that! Also @Arhurt absolutely stunning - I love the little area that can only be dropped with the 4 mass extractors and some reclaim. It looks absolutely cinematic, while actually having a purpose.


a little of the newhjgjhgjhgjh.jpg


Id like to submit SitzKreig2 for review.
Map Image


  1. Asymmetrical play.
  2. Working AI markers.
  3. 10x5 small map so there is less path finding work to be done for larger games.
  4. Many tactical options.
  5. Lots of quick action towards the center.
  6. Provides a more dynamic alternative to Dual Gap and Astro Craters.

Hello, I like to submit Adaptive Moon. Its a spaced 20x20 map with a land body of ~12km radius for 1v1-6v6.



it turned out well, I want to consider!Gornyak1.jpg


I've finally been able to add this list to the client.

I haven't looked through the new suggestions yet, but now that I can actually add them, please feel free to recommend more maps.