Random UI improvements [UI mod]


This mod contains some UI improvements that I coded a long time ago but as I stopped playing ~3yrs ago and lost motivation, all these were buried on my harddrive backyard 🙂 Now they finally collected in one mod. Better late than never, right?

1. EasyReclaim hotkey

New reclaim order that behaves almost same as default one, except that it ignores empty spots and accepts only those clicks that were placed on reclaimable objects. So no more fake orders while manually reclaiming stuff:


2. Attack/nuke orders ignore units and always placed on the ground

No need to drag attack orders anymore, just put it wherever you want.


3. While using "Move" command it's no longer transform into patrol

Now you can place as many move orders in one spot as you want. Very useful when dodging with single unit, like t1 arty etc.


4. HardMove hotkey for air fights


When HardMove mode is active, all right mouse clicks will be move orders, no matter where they placed, even if there is an enemy unit under cursor. Very useful for ait fights


That's all for now 🙂

This is absolutely amazing, thank you so much!!

I must be missing it, but where is the mod itself?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Random UI improvements in the mod vault. I putted [UI mod] in title so it's easier to recognize that it's actually a mod name and not just name of the topic where I posted some random things 🙂

@Jip you should integrate these changes into the base game.

Yeah, mod is under WTFPL license, so feel free to do anything you want.

I was thinking about making a pr to fa repo, but then I should probably rework the code a little bit and all that stuff (don't want to spend time on that now). In UI mods everything is simple: it works and doesn't lag to death? Approved. 😄

Looks like a great UI mod, will be using it for sure.

@archsimkat said in Random UI improvements [UI mod]:

@Jip you should integrate these changes into the base game.

The community should test these out for at least a week or two. Some of them might be more popular than others.

But I agree that these might be appropriate for inclusion in the base game.

I would also argue that the new reclaim order that is presented here should just be the default one, I see no added value in being able to spam reclaim clicks on stuff you can't reclaim just for your engie to ignore them later on.

How are you gonna catch people using mouse clicker macros now?

I'm discussing integration in a Discord thread.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Only with replay parser I guess. If player uses macros there should be a lot of reclaim orders that are related to one object. When macros clicks 10+ times at same rock, player will do 2-3 clicks at max. But yes, with this mod detecting macros requires more efforts

Nice, cool mod!

The embodiment of depression...

Nice, cool Grimplex!

Grimplex is happy for real

good simple ui fixes like this are great!

good simple ui fixes like these are great indeed

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Installing right now, no more will I need to zoom in front of a rock in order to make sure I'm reclaiming it and not find out 5m later that my engie passed it.

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The last one is terrible in certain situations when you wanna snipe something (transports/bombers), the 2nd is the biggest indirect nerf to submergible units ever.

Then don't use it in that scenario dood