1v1 games are not registering

Hello, I installed FAF around a month ago and for the first 10 or so games it worked fine, but after that it stopped registering the games that I played. The replays appear correctly under the "Local replays" tab, but under "Online replays" it shows only those initial games and new ones do not appear there at all.

In some other thread someone mentioned that the games are not ranked if one player disconnects before the game pauses in the end, I've had several games when both me and the opponent stay connected a while after the game ends and it still wasn't registered.

Also I updated to the latest client (1.2.1) a few days ago and that didn't help either.

Let me know if you need any further details and feel free to just reset my account should that help.


Could you post the game IDs for a few of the games that have no replay?

Sure, here are the last 3