2v2 SCTA Heritage Tournament

Cybran v CORE

The SCTA Heritage Tournament, will be a four round 2v2, double elimination, event taking place in about two weeks, on Saturday the 17th of October, starting at 4PM UTC.

The standard 2v2 rules apply, such as fullshare, and furthermore any technical difficulties before the five minute mark of a game, will cause a restart.

Additionally: as one would imagine, you must both of the SCTA Mods active: SCTAFix and SCTABalance.

A team must consist one person playing a TA Faction and the other person playing a Supreme Commander Faction

The first place team will receive 60 dollars, and either
The CORE Faction Avatar
The ARM Faction Avatar

2nd Place Team will receive 40 Dollars and a Factional Face Avatar

3rd Place Team will receive 20 Dollars and a Factional Logo Avatar

The first map played will be a map generator: 10 by 10, 4 player, full random.

The winners brackets will play:
Vya-3 Protectorate for R2
Phenom Spartiate for R3

The loser brackets will play
Open Palms for R2
Twin Rivers for R3

All maps played well use the team Odd vs Even settings

The Final Match/Map will be played on Adaptive Acid Lakes

ARM vs Seraphim

A participating team, must have less then a total 3500 rating (using global or ladder, whichever is higher). Otherwise the tournament will be following all standard faf official tournament rules.

A few things to note however: All participants should download the mods a few days before. I will be uploading a 'finalized' version of the mods for the Tournament on Wednesday 14th of October 6 PM UTC. And I will stress this, make sure you play a couple games before the tournament itself. Especially if you plan on playing a Total Annihilation Faction. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or criticisms, shoot me a PM on discord.

If someone wants to sign up for the tournament post below with your total rating of your team.

Sign-ups will close 3 hour before the tournament begins

  1. Explosive and Banana (3400)
  2. Funkoff and Shiekah (3200)
  3. Se7ven and Harzer (3100)
  4. Cascade and Emperor_Penguin (3500)
  5. Zlo And Neytron (3500)
  6. Gingerbread and Odin (3500)


<3500 rating>
do you count rounded rating ?

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

No, I do not

I have some questions regarding rules in the tournament.

  1. is tech sharing allowed between teammates at the beginning?
  2. Do we choose who gets to be TA and who gets to be FAF?
  3. is there any rule regarding eco exploitations between the mod and vanilla tech?
  1. I mean yes? But why would you. Like on some level there atleast be travel distance between bases and more. If you wanted to switch to mono TA or mono Supcom better off doing so in midgame.

  2. Yes. As long as each team has a TA Player and Supcom player

  3. See 1. Tech sharing a thing in Supcom and I don’t see a problem with that for this tournament

Zlo 2002
Neytron 1542

Please :3

This post is deleted!

explosive 1700
bananaWhale 1700



One week till the tournament remains. Also Postal of TAU will be streaming replays of the event and our own Gyle, is willing to cast any interesting replays of the event.

Team: Myself and Sheikah (1700 + 1500)

Where is the mod in the faf client? I go to vault and click on mods. But all i can find is fixes, and ai fixes..?

SCTAFix and SCTABalance. If you look up SCTA you should see them

Team: Emperor_Penguin (1745) and Cascade (1743) (total: 3488)

pfp credit to gieb

Gingerbreadman (1519) & FOdin (1987) pls

Finalized version mod for tournament be up in a few minutes just doing last quality control checks.

And finalized version is now up

This post is deleted!

21 hours remain for sign ups

So given finalized quality control tests to make sure things aren't broke or horrendously weak or UP, Freedom Fighter and Vengeance are both given slight buffs