Fury - My time as promotions councillor comes to an end


In June of 2021 I took over as promotions councillor from Nine to ensure that there was continuity in the news and immediately set out to expand the team. Javi was instrumental in this time in keeping the news flowing with brilliant imagery. With many real-life commitments on the horizon, it is now time for me to pass on the torch and as such I am resigning as promotions councillor.

Since then, we have had Rowey join the team and he has undertaken several initiatives which has spurred activity and excitement amongst the promotion’s community. One of these items include the YouTube channel revival with the uploading of VODs and FAF Shorts as well as the FAF Wiki recreation. I have full confidence in Rowey achieving many more of his goals alongside Javi, Jip, Giebmasse and anyone else who wants to join the team and help generate new content for old and new players alike.

Internally we have put faith in Rowey and the board has approved his appointment to the role. I wish him all the best and he has my complete confidence.

Former Promotions Councillor