Janky Chicken


Has anybody thought about changing the way the chicken walks?

I know that the brick had a minor change to its movement and i was thinking that no other unit deserves an update more so than the infamous seraphim experimental as its walking animation has earned itself the nickname chicken.

Seeing as it was so clearly rushed out the factory so to speak maybe a remodelling of sorts to change its pecil like legs would be better.

Or shall it forever be nown as the chicken.

I made a mod just for laughs that made it into the hover chicken which looked quite good.1234.png image url)


Its current animation is half the reason it’s any good as a t4 since it turns on a dime, if the animation is touched at all it needs to keep that aspect of it


the animation has no effect on turning rate

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Hover chicken looks strangely terrifying!

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The unit the needs a movement animation (and model) change most is the sera sniper bot

Dumb hover unit that doesn't actually hover