Kubernetes expert

We are currently looking for a

Kubernetes expert

that can help us in transitioning from our Docker Compose stack to Kubernetes.

The work has begun but we are still in a very early phase. The current work is commited here.

We have interesting challenges to solve:

  • Build a configurable and easy-to-use setup that works on production, test and developer environments
    • Variable configuration such domain names
    • Auto-generate mysql databases, rabbitmq vhosts, setup users and more
  • Build a scalable cluster architecture that works single-node and multi-node
  • Integrate the statefull apps of FAF into a Kubernetes world and work with the developers to improve them where possible
  • Help solving volume management challenges on a hybrid cluster with dedicated servers and cloud server w/o own storage
  • Define a match RBAC concept
  • Setup monitoring and tools

Your profile

  • You have decent experience in running and setting up Kubernetes cluster.
  • Helm and Kustomize are part of your tool belt.
  • Writing POSIX-compatible shell scripts does not fear you.

Working environment

  • Development is documented on GitHub
  • A K3s cluster runs on a Hetzner virtual machine


Contact: @Brutus5000 in this forum or on Discord

"Nerds have a really complicated relationship with change: Change is awesome when WE'RE the ones doing it. As soon as change is coming from outside of us it becomes untrustworthy and it threatens what we think of is the familiar."
ā€“ Benno Rice