December Updates


Updates for All

The busiest time of the year for most people, and FAF is no different.

Balance Patch

New and improved balance in Balance Patch 3725.

This patch touches various land, naval and air units as well as reworks a couple of ACU upgrades. Notably, Seraphim are receiving significant nerfs to Selen cloak and Zthuee build time efficiency while Cybran are getting some buffs that will make their midgame a lot more robust. Plus various QoL improvements and fixes to inconsistent unit behaviour.
-- The Balance Team

Server Update

Server update performed on the 12th, bringing us our new wiki, preparing 4v4 matchmaker and more!

  • Lobby server
  • Changes to rating
  • The FAF database was updated to prepare the 4v4 map pools for the 4v4 matchmaker
  • The old wiki has now been let out for its final pasture and replaced with our new one here

Game Patch

Big and filled with goodies! Yes, it is the next game patch scheduled for release on the 20th, bringing you:

  • Improved performance
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • New features

This is the first game patch released under the new game councillor Jip, who has done amazing strides together with all other contributors polishing the game even further.
You can find the changelog here in Jip's post where he digs deeper about the new patch.

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