Rainbow Cup IV ~ 3 v 3 ~ $1.2K


Could you update my score (Femboy) to 1516 Ladder? Thanks Dontsavemebro.png

FAF = Femboy Alliance Forever
Come check the draft of the FAF website 4.0! https://www.test.faforever.com/


I know it's far too late with all the 1700+s signing up since but I have reached my original goal of hitting 1600 before picks



Twas a difficult climb


All Maps are now released.

Play balancing and testing are still taking place and
some of the AI mod Developers may release a special Rainbow edition version update before the tournament.
AI strength's, factions, spawn locations, and number of AI are expected to have minor adjustments.

There are only 3 days left to Register.
Registration ends this Sunday at 2400

Draft starts Monday.
Captains please make contact if you have change of plans and will not be able to play,
as reversing the draft once started will not be possible.
Also, be sure to contact players before you select them for the draft,
to be sure they are still able to play.

We have an fantastic turnout this year, and more players have signed up than last year,
and while the top 12 captains ratings are similar to last year,
the remaining field of draft eligible players is even stronger than last year.

Big Thanks to everyone who have signed up, and
looking forward to a Great Tournament.


sign up me


Well why not
Signing up
LimeZ3 1900 global or somewhat like that


Signing up 1570 ladder


update my rating please 🙂

My github repo with UI Mods


Signing up ladder 1863 global ~1800


Signing up
cant wait for this


Boost me up pls (update my rating to 1813)


Signing up
Emperor_Penguin 1600


Not sure if I will make it next week and don't want to screw up the teams. Signing out


Updating my rating.

1704 Global



My rating is currently 1837 global if that matters


Today is the last day to register for the RCIV Tournament.

Registration will end at 2400 US time, or 0500 (UTC) time,
the Draft will commence a few hours later at 0800 (UTC) Feb 7th.

If any players "in the draft pool" have had their rating rise since registering and
would like to update their ratings,
leave your new rating below, or make contact in private chat and
it will be updated.

We have set up a temporary # Discord thread named
#rainbow-cup-draft -- here:
so everyone can follow along with the draft process.

Captains will start Drafting their players there, and
as each Captain makes their draft pick,
they will then 'ping' the next Captain whose turn it is to make next draft pick.

This process will most likely take 2-5 days to complete,
as Captains will being doing their due diligence,
by contacting players to make sure they are still available to play on the 26th and 27th,
checking the players ratings history, and perhaps looking at their 'replay' vaults.

Players do Not have to be present for the draft, as the 12 Captains will do the drafting.

Good Luck to All, and Thanks for Playing.


Изменение рейтингах Salnik global 1787


Might as well go for it. RandomWheelchair 1730 global - 1130 Ladder.


Not that ima get in but im 1480 global now


The Registration period is now over.

Captain's will now start making their draft picks and either post on this forum,
or Preferably on the FAF Discord thread, named

# rainbow-cup-draft

As each draft pick is made,
the next Captain in line will be 'pinged' to make his selection, and
the team roster in Post #4 will be updated, here

We had a large turnout, and 60 players have registered for 36 positions.
For those who did Not get selected in the initial 2 draft rounds,
you will be placed on the "stand by" list. (also in Post #4)
A few players, will have last minute scheduling conflicts and
good chance 1 or more substitutes will be needed.
Just be ready on Saturday morning to play,
A FAF client aeolus channel -"#rainbow" will open a
couple hours before the tournament begins,
and all are welcome to join in and monitor.

There will be good chance you can fill in for a game or match, or
be a permanent substitute for the whole tournament.

Best o'luck to all, and thanks for participating.


@fearghal I would like to sign up. eXxited - Global: 1624 - 1v1: 1234