FAFLIVE Scene transition for LoTS (and channel)


I know people have a nice old time here in isolated pansyland but if you want to somehow take this into the real world, where clients are paying you lots of money to secure a greater return on their projects - they have no obligation to be nice to you and you will suffer if you continue to act this way.

Javi is volunteering to do this...


I'm very aware of how FAF works. Please read that part again.



  1. You asked for feedback, so you recieved it.

Yes you did give Javi valuable feedback, true. That being said, it's not just the literal facts of the feedback that matter to people, it's also the way you convey it.

There is a huge difference between the (admittedly extreme) examples of:

  • Your content is shit and here is why: ...


  • Thanks for your work, I think it shows promise! In my opinion, it could be improved in the following ways: ...

even if the actual critique in the "..." part is exactly the same.

Those details might not matter to you, but they sure matter to other people. At least they seemingly matter to Javi and they certainly matter to me.

Just because the real world can sometimes be hostile, uncaring and overly direct, doesn't mean that we have to be 🙂


I think that both of you are going a bit extreme, Biass is too harsh but you don't need to make it all sugary and extremely polite either.

@biass said in FAFLIVE Scene transition for LoTS (and channel):

It's the same issue you have with anything you've posted on this forum, everything seems to be made in isolation without any care about how they work together.

This is a bit too harsh, should try to be a bit nicer and say something like there are similar issues with some of your other work and you should watch out for XYZ.


This is obviously unnecessary.

The rest is fine IMO, it's supposed to be professional, constructive feedback from a person that knows their shit. There is no reason to be offensive but there is also no necessity for some formalism, being overly nice, or using euphemisms.

If I ask a colleague for feedback on a code I wrote and he says that it's messy, unreadable and half of the stuff I wrote is unnecessary because I could do it in some other, better way I thank him and adjust the thing I made. There is no need for him to say: Oh, well done, nice code there but maybe you could adjust it here and there.


Overly suger coating everything has it's own problems, for sure, especially if the politeness takes precedence of the actual feedback.

In your code example, I certainly would want to know that my code is "messy, unreadable and half of the stuff I wrote is unnecessary". Imo the difference shouldn't be in the actual critique points, only in the way it's conveyed.


cheeseberry said in FAFLIVE Scene transition for LoTS (and channel):

That being said, it's not just the literal facts of the feedback that matter to people, it's also the way you convey it.

And do you think I am some kind of asocial ape who doesnt know how he comes off or what? The harder the backlash, the more likely you're going to act on it.

FAF would just give you - metaphorically - another completely apathetic "haha yeah i guess..." response and one might decide not to change anything, or even think the respondent LIKES the work, as seen in the (now deleted, lol) tourney pool discussion.

My opinion, my "consultation" even, is something I consider valuable to me and if I choose to say something I feel no need to cowtow my words to people who cry on an internet forum.

All of this whining is completely unneeded and offtopic, you take the advice and you make of it what you choose, no matter the "value" in it. Don't derail the thread with this crap.


@biass said in FAFLIVE Scene transition for LoTS (and channel):

The harder the backlash, the more likely you're going to act on it.

Well, it does make it significantly more likely that I'll ignore your feedback in the future. I guess you could say that I did "act on it".

FAF is the space we as a community make it. If you think people learn best by harsh, unfiltered, and sometimes outright mean criticism, I guess that is the way you are going to leave your impact here.

I very much disagree with that though and as you so accurately put it, a "haha yeah I guess response" may be read as silent agreement, which is a signal I definitely don't want to send.

Or in short: Good work javi! I'd leave it as is for now, and then collect some additional feedback after LOTS is over. Then we can see what did, and didn't work.


@Femboy I like it - great job.

To me it feels it should be slightly faster especially now that the logo doesn't get constructed during the animation. E.g., the logo is in view immediately and the animation feels a bit long. At 0:42 the logo is displaced twice because the same logo is used by the background banner. I feel that is a bit much - but I'm not sure what to do about that 🙂

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@biass Yes, I appreciate the feedback greatly. I just think you could improve the way you say it. I think basic kindness is good and some people can't stand harsh critiques. In my perspective, I'll try to accommodate as much contributors as I can to have the greatest production value. I think there is a way to give a harsh critique while also recognizing what was improved on or done well.

I dont see it as complaining, I see it more as feedback for yourself and in which discussion did I kick you? I'm just saying, I appreciate your feedback and you are right, you don't have to contour it to anyone. I'll keep appreciating since I know that if a harsh critique is pleased, then the work should be fine. (being nice is free thou lol)

Also I agree to the more refined designers it's a bit dull and meh (and to regular people it might be impressive) but since I'm almost the only person working on this "project" and I have a deadline to meet, I have to cut corners here and there. Maybe if I catch up with what I have to do for LoTS, I'll revisit the transition and make it better.

@CheeseBerry I do appreciate your position as well, I believe being supportive towards each other will lead us farther as a community!

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