Crash in every game


My game crashes every time I try to play, usually within the first 10-20 minutes, both on default and FAF Develop game type. I'm playing on Windows.

warning: SND: Error playing cue 1 on bank 5 [music]
XACT: Invalid arg

These error messages will eventually cause your game to crash.

You're throwing sound errors - SCFA does not support surround sound - you must set your audio hardware to stereo.

Unless I'm missing something my audio is already set to stereo, here are my settings: sound settings.png

I'll bet you have the little Realtek sound utility in your will be the culprit - as it does a little bit of post-processing of it's own.

I removed it, and some Nvidia audio stuff, but I'm still crashing with those XACT errors. I don't think that I have any more audio altering programs left. What should I try next?

Have a look at some of the other threads on this same topic: at this point you might have to try deleting the prefs file, disabling the sound by editing the shortcut link or deleting the sound files entirely (make a backup in that case).