Kennel and Hives


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It isn't really just the cheap factor that makes hives better. I am absolutely certain that if you made hives and kennels the exact same cost you would still in the vast majority of scenarios make hives because it is simply too much utility to be able to instantly transfer bp to whatever project you deem necessary.

Yeah, that's why I said make them a lot faster too. I think with a significantly faster drone speed it would be worth paying a little bit extra compared to hives. How long does it currently take for drones to move the entire length of hive build range? 10 seconds? (I honestly don't know because the unit database isn't showing hive range so I'm guessing it's about 30, and drones have a speed of 4, anyway the point is it's not super massive) What if that was cut down to 3 seconds? Then you have very close to the same bp flexibility, even if it's not instantaneous, plus a whole lot more flexibility with the unlimited range. Since most of the time you aren't constantly moving that bp back and forth, and if you are it's not traveling that full distance so it's only taking a couple seconds and you aren't losing that much build time anyway. With that price I was also kinda assuming they could fix some of the other issues like reclaim and drones dying on transfer, but if we can't then I'd say maybe 17m per bp since those things matter, but seem rarely impactful to me.


@tagada This is true. Thank you.
I double checked, and it looks like other air can still hit them, but most other air doesn't have so much DPS that they vaporize shields.

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