I bought Forged Alliance, but not on Steam. Can I still play on FAF?


The source of the game files doesn’t matter, what matters is verifying proof of purchase so that FAF will let you log in. This is currently only supported through linking your faf account to a steam account that owns a copy of supcom.

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there's an activation key normally with the CD.

whatever code allows you to activate your game when you run the installation from the Forged Alliance CD.

that same code will work on steam when you :

  • Add a Game > Activate a product on steam

Are there any news regarding GOG version? I recently bought FA from gog because I wanted to go back to playing FAF, but I can't.


Nothing has changed.


Is FAF really a community-driven project? because to me this seems like a business-corporate decision to lock it on steam. What about those old-timers who have a physical copy of the game? or people like me who prefer gog because we don't want to run steam client everytime we want to play a game? this decision is something that money-driven corporations would do.



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Case 1: You own a retail copy of Forged Alliance

According to GPGs last statement, you can use your CD key and redeem a licence on Steam.

If you have a gold edition (Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance in one) you have two CD keys, and from my personal experience each of them can be redeemed for a gold edition on Steam. (-> so you could give one cd key to a friend 😉 )

If you refuse to use Steam in general, then you can't play. (Read more why we require Steam here.)


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or people like me who prefer gog because we don't want to run steam client everytime we want to play a game?

You need to steam link ONCE. Thats the only time you need to run steam.


yeah but it's not the point. that's not gonna be something he's willing to do

Ball's in GOG's court. I think GOG lied to us. I think they never contacted Square Enix and they're perfectly happy with this situation and they think that if people play FAF they'll somehow browse less of GOG.


"To protect ourselves, we decided to make sure that each user of FAF owns a valid licence of Forged Alliance."

I see the reasoning, but isn't it the responsibility for the end-user to own a legit copy of the game? For example Gameranger provides a similar service like FAF and they aren't non-profit, they are business and they get money for their service, and they don't need to check if user has a legit game, so why should FAF community worry about it?


FAF won’t have much of a community when we get hit with a cease and desist yeah?

Long story short FAF has pertinent legal reasons to worry about itself in relation to the IP owners. Steamlink is the solution. There will not be a policy change unless FAF changes its own distribution methods or we get a new legal owner.


Understood, thanks for clearing that out! 🙂


@pauliuso AFAIK GameRanger doesn't distribute modified game code like FAF does.


Ok so GOG has Supreme Commander gold
When you get that you can install ether supreme commander or forged alliance
So install forged aliance
Then by get the client and by default your Game Location will be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance...
And that is it.

Tried to attach screens but no worki.


@b1adam FAF Dose not Work with the GOG Copy of the game as we need to verify that you own the game Legally so currently the only way to do this is Via Steam and linking you steam account with your faf account.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

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@rowey Ok I know my error now - sorry


The gog.com have added support for public user profiles:

In particular, his allows for a user to share their list of owned games.
For example, sharing can be enabled from the GOG Galaxy client:
User (icon near the top-left corner) -> Account management -> privacy
Here a user can set their visibility to public and set the visibility of their game library.

The public user profile pages can be accessed as: www.gog.com/u/<user_name>

Accesing list of games with visibility set to "all visitors" does not even require logging in to GOG.

Can FAF use this exposed data for license checking for the game copies purchased on GOG?


https://github.com/FAForever/website/issues/257 <-- its states here what we need from GOG

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock


Well, from the git I can see that the main issue is:

All GOG needs to do is make us a selected Partners (Permit us to read what games ppl own for users that authorize us) but I guess they don't want to (or just too busy to do that don't know)and that is not in FAF's hands.

But the public gog profiles already allow a user to expose their list of games. Though there is no way to expose the list only to the FAF. It can only be exposed to no one, to friends, to all gog users, or to all visitors.

So if a user can:

  • Prove that they own the gog account
  • Expose the owned games to FAF

Then the FAF shall be able to link the gog account to the FAF user and to check that the gog account owns a copy of the supreme commander.

Looking up user's games list could be done even without the API, just by parsing the user profile HTML page that is exposed to "all visitors". This is an ugly solution, but can be used temporarily.

Though I do not know how mush of an issue would be proving that the FAF user owns the GOG account.

It is a shame that the GOG do not want to share the proper API for accessing this data.