Why is my rating darker, or more gray, than others in lobbies?


A darker tint attached to your rating in a FAF lobby is meant to signal that the system is not confident about your current skill level and so your current rating level should not be treated as a reliable metric. This is why it was given a darker tint as that in turn makes it harder to see and hopefully gets the point across.

So essentially, in order for you to get your rating to "whiten out" you need to play more ranked games. This will allow the system to get more confident in its prediction of your capability as a player and so your rating will become a more viable tool to predict game quality.

Ideally, you will want to play games with less people as the system will then be able to attribute more of the result of the game to your personal ability and so you will have an easier time being given a reliable rating.


It's still rubbish tho. Rating means very little below 1.7K imo