Auto Placement of Mass Storage and Preselection of Mass Extractors


Any way of disabling the auto placement of Mass Storage when giving an SHIFT assist order by an Engineer on an upgrading Mass Extractor or T2/T3 Mass Extractor?

Any way of disabling auto selection of Mass Extractor when selecting Engineer and hovering the cursor over a Mass Deposit?

Why? Because these two features seriously hampering the micro management of build power.

You plan to do one thing, and this auto management spoils everything, can't even give a SHIFT assist order by an Engineer to an upgrading T1 Mass Extractor without having the Engineer auto placing 4 Mass Storage around the Mass Extractor (see the problem?).

So you want to reclaim a destroyed T2/T3 Mass Extractor without building an new one on that same spot (for some tactical reasons) just by using the right mouse button - no possible, auto placement. Hm, well, if you reclaim the destroyed Mass Extractor with an T3 Engineer, which mass extractor it will automatically put there? T3? Wrong.

Sometimes occurs even more lame phenomena: you select your Engineer, you want to give it an direct assist order by the right mouse button on an upgrading Mass Extractor, but you can't (!), it tries to place a T1 Mass Extractor atop of already existing Mass Extractor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you need to cancel the auto selected Mass Extractor and give the assist order AGAIN - real nice.

These features are really killing that feel of complete control over your own (!) build power.

I understand the idea behind creating these features - to save time, but they do the exact opposite of that (for some people, I guess).

Now, is there any way of disabling these two features?

If not, don't you think that adding an option to do so to the Interface options might be the right move?

Yes, you can disable both features

If you look in the in-game options, you should find the options to disable those

Mmm, configurable auto-micro.

I love NCOs


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Found it, Gameplay tab in the Options.