Super slow file downloads

Ive been trying to use FAF develop due to the crashing problem. Unfortunately it takes forever to download the game files. Also if i try to join a regular vanilla version i have to download that version again. is there a way we can store the different version on our computer so we don't have to redownload the files all over again? or a faster way?

In settings you can enable the data cache

Honestly make it default option in next client release, it will make people life's so much better.
(note to self, enable the cache so I don't get stuck for 15 minutes each time game make me download the exe...)

I agree with @RandomWheelchair - best to make it a default. We typically have a lot of storage these days. It also helps when you switch between Nomads and the regular branch, etc.

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Can someone quantify how much space it's likely to take up, if you do make it the default? Are we talking 100MB, 1GB, 10GB?

This is highly dependent on your FAF usage. Which featured mods you use, how many old reviews you watch, ...
Could be from 50mb up to a gigabyte. It should clean up unused files after 30 days.

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seems cloudflare R2 would be a good and very cheap service to use for this, as its static content. Easier than using a bittorrent client.