DDDX RPG survival (map and mod)

@rowey Cool 🙂

Well I can certainly make some, what exactly do you need? Screenshots of the action, the map, what?

@DDDX - The new version seems to break with All Factions Fixed and EXMEX mods. Can you take a look into it when you get a chance? Everyone is on their own team everytime.


@revekius sure will do, there's a bit of things i need to fix or balance still. Like the boulders obstructing new mex fields being way too bouldery in HP

This looks really cool. Gonna have to give it a shot.

Thank you @DDDX. Do you have a patron account to promote and fix those bugs? The new map deleted the old map, and I can't find the old map in FAF so we are stuck right now.

Thank you for updating the map. I truly love all that you do.

well...v158 is out and uploaded, still has some bugs to iron out (not to mention a complete workaround so that it does not use some of the meshes...).

I tried it with ExMex and all worked fine. Also tried 2 All faction mods (there's a lot of them) and it worked.

here's a list of changes in v158:

*Fixed rocks HP
*Nerfed air crash dmg for several high end experimentals
*Switched some starting defense buildings to option for extra defences so that they are not in the way of buildings
*Flattened Palace base terrain
*Fixed Jaggernaut projectile remaining on that unit (there are several more, Blackops team is working on that)
*Made Royal turrets and allied Paragon unreclaimable, to prevent early mass income by reclaim

*Buffed Aeon hero lvl 1 laser dmg
*Fixed Aeon hero lvl 2 - turrets not being rebuildable after destruction by the hero
*buffed all starting level heroes HP slightly ( a firebeetle can still take out some of them without upgrades, play safe)

So far all seems to be working, some units are too strong still.
One known bug is that the Paragon nuking script executes regardless of if the defenders made a Paragon - and it should not. 22.000 damage navy nukes around min 32+, targeting various t3 buildings. Will fix in v159 so that it only triggers when Para is built, like it's supposed to

TODO in future patches:

*Make the starting dialogue, battle, and mid base optional in settings, so you do not have to go through it every time if you do not feel like it,
*Reworking and buffing end game Bosses, to add them partial destructibility, more abilities, effects, different behavior based on hp remaining, more and varied minions,
*Check compatibility with some more extreme mods like 30% particles, AllFactions, and the likes,
*Add more random missions (in the future - Nuke sub event, Carrier swarm event, warp rifting all over the map (like in GaryTheGoat's Survival_stranded)
*Clean up script by making most LOGs and Warnings optional, to speed up SIM
*REWORK all used models that borrow from other mods, so that they...don't. (warned by the Creative team about this).


Some Blackops units have had their projectiles screwed by the latest FAF patch - the rapid fire projectiles in particular (like Juggernaut's) remain on the map and eat up a lot of SIM speed, making the game slow as f**k after min 35.

Gonna try to hunt them all down and switch their projectiles to default Ravager minigun - they are a bit smaller but other than that should be more less the same visually.

Till then sorry for the slow game speed.

@DDDX Could you report to me what projectiles they inherit from? We're trying to fix this issue from our end as well.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip I have cheat spawned every BO:U and every TM land unit and as far as I can tell it's only the Juggernaut battlestation that uses it.

I might be wrong with that.

BEL0307 and my unit SBEL0307U ( S for designation it's my mod hook, U meaning it's a unique special hero-only unit)

        ProjectileId = '/projectiles/TDFHeavyPlasmaGatlingCannon01/TDFHeavyPlasmaGatlingCannon01_proj.bp',

local JuggPlasmaGatlingCannonWeapon = import('/mods/BlackOpsFAF-Unleashed/lua/BlackOpsWeapons.lua').JuggPlasmaGatlingCannonWeapon

Nothing special about it. I did hook the BlackopsWeapons.lua (needed to add a more potent Inquisitor weapon to go off with Overcharge on Aeon hero), but did not edit anything else in it.

And that's all, nothing to report.

Tried switching it with TDFHeavyPlasmaCannonWeapon from terranweapons, but gotten same result.

Hey I'm loving the map and game mode but I seem to be running into an issue where the game freezes about 20 minutes in. Are there any mods I should not be running with this map? Aside from the required mods I'm running particles 10% and Simspeed ++

@mitchbear7 next time that happens, pause the fame, press f9 and only select the WARNINGS tab
Look at the last warning before waves stopped, it should be an error regarding the file DDDX_RPG_survival_script.lua file (because that's the one spawning stuff,doing the timer etc...

This can give you an idea what did what.

10% particles - I have never gotten this one to run propperly with my map, simply too aggressive, too many things overwritten.
Keep in mind that some units or weapons or abilities have a big number of effects to them, in my mod but also TMayhem.
Look at cybran t1 hydrocarbon perimiter monitoring station, for example.

I would avoid the 10% particles mod completely.
Use SUM speed,that one seems to help a lot.

Also, there are currently several issues with the map, some of them my fault (nuke subs misbehaving and slowing things down) as well as FAFs fault (bad projectiles for some Blackops units after FAF update).

I am aware of the issues and will fix for v159, and the Blackops team is on top of the other problem.

Ty for the feedback, tell me more

Oof - fafs vault ⛏

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@DDDX thanks a lot for getting back to me. I'll certainly keep that in mind and look at it in more detail next time I run it!

Version 159 coming in as soon as the FAF Development team patches the antitele towers issue with INSIGNIFICANTUNIT category.
Should be today, maybe tomorrow. Soon, anyways.

Below is a detailed list a list of changes for v159, also in the CHANGES file inside the mod.

Most important changes is that the mod is reworked to not contain any Blackops assets (for the rest i've gotten permission from mod makers).

WARNING: because of that, the map/mod now need extra mods (but only downloaded, no need to enable them)

  • Xtreme Wars
  • Harryvk21s Naval Pack

if you experience desyncs at the start of the game, it's probably because you have not downloaded those 2. Make sure upon hosting that all players have these mods, and the desync and missing meshes for units should be no more

Next, added a Legendary class of units. They are essentially tier 5 - very strong, but only one can be made by the entire team. So do not waste resources making more, you will just lose them.
aeonL1.JPG Aeon have a massive shield with a larger area than the Aurora, and insane power requirement (adjecancy does reduce it)!
cyL1.JPG Cybran have a very powerful megabot that also cloaks allies around it
seraL.JPG Sera have a regeneration field turret that also provides some defensive capabilities

UEF has a modified Novax that automatically builds sattelites as long as it's alive. No need for a picture.
Only the chosen faction can make a Legendary unit of its race, even if you have engineers of other factions (so, only Aeon can make Aeon Legendary, only Sera can make a Sera Legendary...). Let me know if the "only one" rule can be exploited/broken.

Zombies. New main mission, has a 30% chance to trigger
zomb.JPG Above: an idyllic picture of a peaceful zombified village. FU**ING KILL IT WITH FIRE ASAP!!!!!

Next, reworked the teleporting SACUs so that they actually teleport. This means that they can be stopped using antiteleport towers. And right you are to do so, for the SACUs grow in numbers, strength, and even bring experimentals over time to teleport in the middle of your base!

New AA optionsSo that the Aeon and their Sky trackers are not the only go-to solution.aang.JPG AANG stands for Anti Air Non Guided. They are very fast, fire and forget, antiboss-class anti air rockets of extreme range, but can only be built on hydrocarbon deposits. Good vs CZARS, bad vs bombers, because of god awfull turret turning and no guidance of missiles.
cruiser.JPG Heavy AA cruiser for Sera, submersible.

Uef have had the Horizon experimental buffed in ragne and damage to be better suited for anti air, and Aeon...they're good 🙂

Here's a list of all major changes:


  • Made the starting dialogue, battle, and mid base optional in settings -can be reduced or turned off completely
  • Added reinforcement waves as an option under "Extra defences".
  • Added a 4.th main mission type - Zombies. Triggers in place of the Gateway mission, if randomly chosen (2/7th chance to get picked).
  • Reworked the teleSACU script so that they actually teleport in our bases - can be countered with antitele towers finally. Increased the area where they spawn, gave them enhancements over time, and even experimentals that teleport in near endgame unless you make antitele towers.
  • Opened path to Allied Paragon so it can be reached by foot and repaired to give us a Palace shield -if difficulty is 30+
  • Cleared up terrain around transport paths to allow for making distant AA outposts to take transports out before they have a chance to land - or even some Gateways!
  • Raised mountains around some farther mexes to prevent them from getting hit by arty in yet unopened parts of the map.
    Increased props around the starting area and the map in general (for visual appeal), added more mexes and hydros to the edges of the map - to make transport paths areas more appealing for colonisation.
  • Added more Mexes in the far south to reward expansion there
  • Fixed Naval factories event not triggering unit spawn if it was chosen as an active event
  • Fixed Paragon nuking triggering always, regardless if we made a Paragon -no more nuke subs nuking at min 25 🙂
  • Fixed Paragon nuking script giving nukes to dead subs, and locking subs in place, messing up SIM speed
  • Reduced Antitele structure HP to make it easier to kill and free up teleporting, reduced field range drastically, but increased antitele numbers around the map (field range is now 120, that's slightly less than an Avalanche beetlebot range)
  • Nerfed all mission transport HP, removed Fire and Doom beetles from cargo to prevent friendly fire
  • Reduced transport numbers if extra transport mission is selected (max 14 per side, with 6 players, more if pl 7 is in game)
  • Made all allied and enemy minibosses have varied hp based on difficulty


  • Added Legendary units and build restrictions for them - only one allowed per entire team!
  • Added new anti-air options (t3 AA cruiser for Sera, buffed Horizon exp damage and range for UEF, hydrocarbon Antiboss rocket instalation for Cybran )
  • Nerfed Raw Omega air damage
    Removed a bunch of warnings for drones and events to speed up sim speed
  • Nerfed Aeon Alpha lvl 1 hp, buffed lvl 3 slightly
  • Fixed Aeon Alpha lvl 3 getting free nukes with nuke enhancement
  • Fixed Aeon Alpha lvl 2 and 3 not being able to make Sky Tracker with air enhancements
  • Fixed Aeon lvl 3-4-5 naval weapons range bug
  • Gave rapid fire anti fighter missiles (Shaddower missile) to Aeon hero lvls 4 and 5 with some enhancements.
  • Nerfed Cybran hero lvl 3-4-5 long range weapon (less damage, slower fire), fixed Rail gun pitch
  • Buffed all lvl 1 Alphas mass production to allow for faster starting upgrades and less time wasted on getting them.
  • Gave Silencer turret weapon enhancements
  • Nerfed Duke and Count (mini CZARS) land damage, HP, air crash damage, and slowed down spawn rate by +10 seconds
  • Nerfed Carrier shield - +20 sec for shield to recharge, - 10.000 hp to Carrier hull. Fixed the unkillable Carrier bug.
  • Reduced Carrier movement speed, reduced Interceptor turret damage, crash damage
  • Reduced the mind control chance of nanite projectiles for Cybran heroes.
  • Added a bunch of missing icons and unit descriptions.
  • Fixed issues with Aeon hero Stinkfly drones not getting upgrades when hero gets enhancements for them.
    ...and a bunch more...

can you add those into the map/mod description?
i mean the additional mods

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

@rezy-noob yup, did. Needs to be upoloaded to the Vault, though - waiting on FAF to reverse some changes that broke some mods first

v160 uploaded to the Vault. Minor fixes and balances, with one notable exception - created teleport buildings for heroes to quickly reach other parts of the map.

For more details check the starting post or the Changes.txt file inside the Balance mod

v162 is out. A small patch, Icons and visuals for various missions , and bugfixes + balances. Details are in the Changes.txt inside the balance mod


Patch 162

Added Mission icons
Fixed some missions triggering even though you've selected to have no missions

Further optimised code to increase stability, mostly on Carriers
Reduced Carriers numbers in waves
Halved their drones, from 8 to 4, but buffed drones hp and damage to compensate
Nerfed Cybran heroes Rail gun damages by 20%
Further nerfed Aeon heroes OC damage, buffed starting AA weapons
Fixed not having Sky trackers buildable from drone enhancements for lvl 2 and 3 Aeon hero
Nerfed Aeon hero lvl 3-4-5 lasers damage, buffed lvl 2 laser dmg
Further nerfed Aeon hero Overcharges
Buffed Aeon heroes starting AA missiles

Hi DDDX, thank you for this great mod! One question regarding the Player_1 slot, is it required to fill this either with a human player or an AI? We experienced that the mod wouldn't work (showing the complete map with red units etc) if we leave this slot empty.

@bvh which mod was that?

If player_1 spot is empty, then it spawns an AI version of the hero, after a while - starts at level 3 (not 1), is a lot stronger (more upgrades and buffs) and can be controlled by the defenders in the same manner as was the case with Brackman's Megalith in the SupCom mission.

As far as I know, there should not be anything to interfere with other mods, specific to player 1 being present or absent...