Can't start or join FAF games

Just reinstalled FAF. All mods got wiped out.
After reinstalling, I can't create new games or join games or watch replays in FAF. When I try, the client in the status bar says "Preparing game: Downloading ForgedAlliance.exe" for a while, then bombs with a java exception. Client.log is attached. The game runs from steam seemingly fine.

I have uninstalled the FAF client and reinstalled it once, with the same apparent results. I think I need to reinstall again, not sure how exactly though. client.log

Thanks in advance for any constructive advice.

You just need to keep trying it. The download is not completing which is why the exe isn't valid. Since there was a patch recently the server has been swamped with people downloading files all at once which is causing a lot of people to have really slow download speeds and failed downloads. You can also try downloading it during off-hours (NA evening or EU morning).