T1 PD not always firing when it should

Bug/Issue: T1 PD occasionally does not fire at units that are both in range and in vision.

I think I noticed it before in casts and it might be a known issue, but just in case it's not I wanted to report it. I clearly noticed it in my own game, since it might have prevented my death if it kept firing. In case anybody wants to investigate it:

Replay number: 15338420

Near the end of the 16th minute the PD correctly fires for a while, then at 16:53 it stops firing with 5 units in range and vision, subsequently it fires at and kills 1, then stops again.

It sounds like similar behavior to this:

This is something done by the engine. I suspect it has to do with not retargeting something it can't reach. Not sure how / when it resets and if we can reset it ourselves.

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