Unit Database Discussion Thread



Both databases are in the client.


@wikingest said in Excel about all the units:

@shenmue-is-life Maybe you could change your titre, to add problem with actual database? With all discussion going on, I do not know if I should make another thread πŸ™‚



Spooky DB is default for new client installations but i don't think the client switched over existing installations. Maybe old DB should be removed until it can be fixed (which will probably never happen but at least we don't have people using broken DB).


Good to know that it's an option in the client but there should a link somewhere on the site as well, it's still linking to the old version with no mention of this new version anywhere (apart from a spooky mode option).


I'll admit that you'll learn of it if you eventually go to the bottom of the page and follow the link to github, but I definitely would have never noticed that link or clicked on it normally...


@deletethis Another issue: the Aeon T3 torpedo plane ("Solace") damage/dps is shown as less than the true number

It says 500 damage x4, which would be 2k damage per pass.

But we know it's around double that because a Solace can one-pass all 4 factions' cruisers

I think it has something to do with the way the weapon is coded, that it has 2 "racks" of missiles or something and the unit DB doesn't understand that it needs to double the damage


Does this mean the database does NOT read the values right from the database files? Were those values entered by hand??


It reads the files but gpg thought it would be really cool if every unit had their own stupid gimmick for how they release 30 dps instead of just giving the unit 30 dps. Every idiosyncrasy they made isn’t accounted for.


The Rackover unitdb is sort of "reset" everytime we restart the server and needs a manual trigger to update to the latest patch. Very annoying. I updated it for now.

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The DPS=0 problem seems to be gone. Thanks.
But all other problems seem to be still there.

  1. There seems to be common problem with "fire cycle = x projectiles/shot". Sometimes you can multiply raw damage, firerate, fire cycle and nombre of weapons( usually 1), to get DPS, and sometimes it does not work. Already mentioned UEF cruiser, but UEF t3 gunship, CYB t3 gunship, even UEF nukesub having Fire cycle 2 projectiles / shot, etc.
  2. Galactic Colossus surely does not have a DPS of 1667... And tractor clavs do not fire every secund. Checking from another database(spooki) , GC, Spider and Ythothia are not corresponding in values.
  3. SER croiser and mothership missiles are not supposed to cost mass (300).
  4. AEO t1 tank (Aurora) DPS seems to be out. Compared to other database.
    5.AEO flare DPS seems to be out. Compared to other database.
  5. All t1 bombers seems to be out, firerate incorrect I think.
    Probably could find some more, some of those had just stayed in my memory from before...
    Not always easy to learn a game like that, with no or incorrect data πŸ™‚

You can fix the issues here: https://github.com/FAForever/UnitDB