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Yes, forgot to request it.



Used proper version of Monument Valley, removed Drake's Ravine due to issues with the version I wanted to use. Drake's Ravine has been replaced with Point of Reach v4


November 2021 TMM Pool
Finally mapgen has arrived in the TMM pool. For now only in the familiar 10x10 and 20x20 category. In addition Captain Klutzes new beginner friendly map Tamara Pass has been added. Also the lesser known teamgame maps Actavia and Xaplials are making a debut the higher brackets.
The maps of the lower brackets now have a decreased draw probability for higher rated matches, since many 1500+ players were complaining about those maps. Please leave your feedback down below.


Don’t think a map where u can hard lock a whole player with double first bomber cuz of how close spawns are is that beginner friendly tbh


Beginners aren't double first bombering


That would apply to all first bomber maps, doesn't change that it was like the biggest complaint of new players since forever.


@ftxcommando which map are we talking about?


Tamara Pass


We should get a "2v2 matchmaker feedback thread going" as this is supposed to just be the pools posted here. Feedback is noted, though, not ignoring it!


December 2021 TMM Map Pool
We'll be adding a lot of old maps that has been overlooked in order to add presence to them and also variety for the 2v2 pool as in the past few months we've seen an influx of repeated maps returning back to the pool
If you're unaware of the current system update please refer to this thread below.
Please leave your feedback down below.
2v2 draft (2).png

This post is deleted!

January 2022 TMM Map Pool

Happy new year!

Please leave your feedback down below.

draft 2v2 reall.png

EDIT: >>IMPORTANT<< The team agreed to add a 5th bracket so therefore we're increasing the map pool from 25 to 28.