Promotions Team Update & Looking for help with a variety of things!!!!


Internal Promotions Team Restructure

The Promotions team lately has been hard at work with an Internal Restructure.

  • The Newshub is now back to a weekly news section. Google Form & Google Sheet for Organists the weekly news & for News Requests!

  • The FAF Patreon will be getting an Overhall in the new few weeks with a new Tier System for you to be able to pick how you want faf to allocate your donations.

  • FAF Youtube has been cleaned up and has had a few updated with the logo and banner images. As well as the FAF Casts Playlist adding as many faf casts to the list from all contributors.

  • For FAFLive we Just recently got a hold of the Overlays for the faf Live account and will be looking into how to make them a bit more user friendly and for the Promo Team to updated any banners/images on the overlay for X tournament that is using the FAFLive account.

  • The FAF Facebook Will receive an overall and update once a few of the bigger projects have been complete first as it is not a big priory at the moment but it will not just be a gyle highlight channel !

  • The FAF Twitter Currently nobody seems to have access to any of the twitter's that have been created over the years, So I will be Requesting a new one to be set up using the FAF Admin email so that we have a Twitter account as another form of communication outside of the client & discord.

  • The FAF Wiki The Current wiki is so old and outdated nobody has put the time in to fix it as it is just not easy to work with as it using an outdated version of MediaWiki from like 2016. Rowey and p4block have been working on setting up a new wiki with a lot more features built-in with more coming soon. This will allow us to have a wiki that has the most relevant and up to date information available to all the players.

Help/Contribution needed

We are looking for some help with some of the projects that were discussed in the section above.

  • Patreon - We are looking for someone to be able to create 3 Special Avatars in the FAF Chat when you support a Tier with this perk. This would be an Avatar for the Following: Patreon Free to use, Patreon Tournaments, Patreon Infrastructure. All avatar sizing is 40px X 20px

  • FAF Website - We are looking for a new Image/s to replace the current Supcom 2 Image that's on our website & any of the other images that you think should be updated as well.

  • New FAF Wiki - We are looking for people to go over the current wiki that is available and read an of the written guides/ posts/ tutorials and let us know if they are all still fine or could do with an update. if they need to be updated and you are willing to take the time to help re-write stuff Message me and we can work out how to get the correction information on the new wiki

  • Graphic Artists - We are also looking to add more people to be able to create posters for events/Article images for the new hub page & for posts on any of the other platforms we have control over.

Many Thanks

Rowey Promotions Team


Regarding the FAF twitter, try to reach Twitter the same way Sheeo did with Twitch to claim ownership of a FAF official channel before you make another.

Between The FAF Wiki and New FAF Wiki sections,

Can you say more about not updating the wiki we have? As in and and and but I'm asking instead of assuming

And just in case, I'm talking about which currently redirects to


@osteonographer The Current wiki is an outdated piece of software that does not have the feature that most wiki have nowadays. with MediaWiki, a lot of the features we will gain with wikijs are already a part of the software and we don't have to rely on unofficial plugins from people on MediaWiki. one of the biggest upgrades over media wiki is the fact that we can implement Oauth with will allow us to integrate the faf login to the new wiki which gives us more account control & Security. wikijs is 100% Free and open-source so this does not cost us any money to change to this.

With MediaWiki, we are having to use the LTS version of the software which is old and outdated and every time we update it their a change X Plugin won't. work with the new update.

We could try to regain access to the tiwtter but we have no idea the email or passwords it used so would be a longshot.


Can i get a video featured on the official youtube channel?


@DerpFAF Pm me on discord and we can discuss this


Update: this is how the new wiki is looking 5821869f-4a1e-4b92-a0f2-71b2873e5cbc-image.png


good work,hopefully isn't buggy